Wedding Transport – Arriving at your Wedding in Style

The wedding transport takes on a lot of emotion; the nerves, the tears, the excitement and the smiles. The journey you take alone to the ceremony you are a fiancé, and the journey that you take that day will lead you both away to married life and into your happy ever after.

Wedding Transport 1

Public Appearance

“Taxi! Take me to married life please.” Why not go best of British by hiring London transport for your wedding. Or even better, save money by actually using a London styled taxi to get from destination to destination. Keeping within a theme, the benefit of a London Bus would not only be the novelty but also the space to seat a lot of guests!

Wedding Transport 2

Classic Cars

Classic cars not only scream elegance, but are also widely available and not hard to come by. Whether you’re into your Roll Royce or your Jaguars or a luxury Mercedes, these all come at competitive costs so I would suggest looking around to find the best deal as it is worth the additional savings. You could go even further back in time for the older classics like a Hot Rod; that’s bound to also look great in photos.

Wedding Transport 3

Other Routes

Get from A to B by using a Camper van. Camper vans can be bold in colour, quirky and a smart move for brides with long trains. Get hitched quick by having a motorbike as your ride.
Who says wedding transport has to have wheels? Riding your own horse if you have one gives the chance for your pet to feature on your big day.

Why not even go from prince and princess to king and queen with a fairy tale horse and carriage. Get from place to place in style with a glamorous limousine, which would be great for having close family members tag along with you.

Wedding Transport 4

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