Wedding Traditions

Wedding planning is a fun time for many happy couples. There are so many quaint and wonderful wedding traditions that incorporating them into your big day can be a lot of fun. Of course, some people are not comfortable with all of the traditions. As such, they cherry pick the ones that suit their lifestyle and the theme of their big day.

So, what are the most common traditions for weddings in the UK? Which ones will you incorporate into your impending nuptials?

Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

Traditionally speaking, these are the four most powerful symbols of a wedding day. What’s more, despite their long history, they are still popular for many brides. They want to incorporate something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue into their big day. Many brides will ensure that they have their something old in place with a piece of old jewellery. Usually, this is a family heirloom, and they want to make sure that they are incorporating it in their day. Something new traditionally represents the new life that is being made together. Of course, on a wedding day, the gown and accessories form part of the something new tradition.
Wedding Traditions 1When it comes to the something borrowed, the symbolism behind this is rather lovely. The idea of borrowing something is to remind the bride that her friends and family will always be there. Traditionally, borrowing a handkerchief was commonplace. Plus, they’re handy for wiping away the tears of joy!

Something blue has a strange tradition. But, blue in Biblical times represented purity and loyalty. So, by donning something blue, the bride is showing her loyalty to her groom. Usually, the garter is the blue item that is used to represent this.

Don’t See the Groom on the Big Day!

Many brides choose not to see their grooms before the ceremony. They often choose to get ready for separate homes. Usually, the bride will return to her parent’s home to get ready along with her bridesmaids. This was done, in the traditional sense, to avoid bad luck. Now, many brides opt for this to increase suspense on their day.

After all, when you have spent that long getting ready, you want your groom to be wowed and amazed when you walk into your venue. It can create an air of excitement. Without doubt, the groom wishes to see his beautiful, blushing bride and the gown that she has selected for their big day. Usually, brides keep this aspect a secret from their grooms. So the grooms are equally as eager to see what they have chosen for their special day. This is a tradition that is still widely upheld in the UK.

Wedding Traditions 2Arriving Fashionably Late

Arriving late is one of the wedding traditions that is rarely practiced now. But, it was meant to allow the guests to arrive on time. What’s more, it was done to ensure that there was an air of anticipation created as everyone eagerly anticipated the bride’s arrival. Of course, arriving chronically late was frowned upon. Five minutes was the usual protocol. This is less practiced now, but it can be a lovely tradition to incorporate in the day.

Wedding Traditions 3

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