Wedding Tattoos

As society changes so does the ways in which people celebrate their union. These days, many people are forgoing the old-fashioned wedding ring in place of a tattoo. This altogether modern way of showing that you have a mutual bond. As they say, marriage is forever. Well, some people want to show this in a literal way. There is nothing more permanent than a tattoo, and so some people think it’s the perfect symbol. Let’s take a quick look at wedding tattoos.

The rise of wedding tattoos

Half a century ago, tattoos were not the most favourable way to decorate yourself. People had a terrible view of those who adorned themselves with ink art. You would likely find that having a tattoo also held you back from pursuing particular job roles. Well, times have changed. Over the last five years, tattoos have become more and more acceptable in our society. So much so that people now feel comfortable with all manner of hand tattoos. When people tie the knot, some find that the best way to express their love is by getting a tattoo ring. These designs are now quite common, but are they the way to go?

Wedding Tattoos 1Advantages of wedding tattoos

Of course, there are many advantages to getting wedding tattoos. One of the best things about this trend is the fact that everyone can show their individuality. When you get a tattoo, you can be sure that it is 100% unique. You and your partner will get a chance to design the perfect tattoo that suits you and your love. If you already have tattoos, you might find the idea of this trend quite appealing. After all, it is a simple, yet effective way to show that you have a lasting bond.

Disadvantages of tattoos

There are some things that can go wrong when you get these tattoos. For example, if you fail to go to an expert artist, you could end up with a mess, rather than a beautiful design. The last thing you want is to regret your tattoo, and so you need to ensure that you get a quality designer. Aside from that, there is the issue of divorce. If you do separate, for whatever reason, you will have a lasting symbol of your marriage. You can remove tattoos, but it is painful and takes a long time. Also, some companies may discriminate against people with hand tattoos. While most businesses are progressive, it could lead to employment issues.

How to choose the perfect design

Wedding Tattoos 2If you choose to take the plunge and get matching tattoos for your wedding day, you need to ensure you get it right. You should spend a lot of time considering what design you want. When you find an artist you like, you can talk to them about your ideas. They will sketch some of them for you and you can choose the best one. Many people choose rings as their tattoos, but you may also like something symbolic. You could get your partner’s initials or even something abstract. Again, you ought to keep searching for the right design before you make a decision.

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