Wedding Etiquette – Who should pay for what?

Paying for your wedding can be an expensive and truly daunting process, but who should pay for what? Should we stick with the tradition that your parents are expected to pay for the wedding, or should you now fund the whole thing yourself.

Speaking about money can be difficult at the best of times, so we have made this short blog to hopefully help you think about the finances for your big day.

Wedding Etiquette

Many couples find that discussing the finances linked to booking a wedding can be really difficult, whether you have a large or small budget. There is always the worry that it could cause disagreements within the family, or even worse. We have found that many families are open to helping with paying for your wedding, or even just being a shoulder to lean on for some advice if they can’t afford it themselves.

Everyone would love the idea of being able to pay for your own wedding, but it’s not realistic for everyone. High deposits, expensive packages and student debts mean that money is tight for many couples, especially in their 20’s and 30’s.

Many couples also decide to miss out, or have a small honeymoon so that they can focus more on the wedding payments. We have found that so many couples now have Honeymoon Funds that wedding guests, friends and family can put some cash towards the trip – this means that all of your money can be put into paying for your big day.

While there is no right and wrong answer when it comes down to who pays for what, you know your family best. Many parents will chip in for smaller parts of the wedding, or even pay a large chunk towards the whole day.

We have found that the best way to approach the conversation on money is to be open and honest with both sets of parents or family. This means you can get transparency and you can avoid any awkward future conversations. Sit everyone down together, and say what your financial position is in relation to your dream venue and package, and just let the conversation flow.

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