Wedding Cake – Novelty or Traditional? Which would you choose?

The wedding cake is one of the central elements of a wedding, and the cake cutting is one of the key moments of your big day – two reasons that make most brides channel a wealth of energy into choosing the perfect cake. Picking novelty or traditional wedding cakes is often a challenge though.

Many brides would love the former but are afraid to break the rules with a too daring choice. Others may love the traditional style but perhaps they wish to enrich it with some original elements.

If you’re in the middle of a dilemma and can’t decide between novelty and traditional cakes, here are a few things you should weigh in before choosing the most appropriate style.

Novelty vs. Traditional Wedding Cakes

Traditional Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is such an essential element of the celebration that it can easily make or break your big day. Novelty cakes can bring a breath of fresh air to the party, but not all guests will agree with your choice.

Perhaps the main advantage of novelty cakes is the possibility to express your originality or exuberant personality. There are no strings attached to these modern cakes. Whether they are inspired by the traditional style or express an entirely new perspective, everything is accepted.

You can unleash your creativity or give rough ideas to a cake artist to get an edible piece of art.

Novelty cakes come in a broad range of decorative styles and designs incorporating fantasy or reality-inspired characters. There is also no limit as far as colours are concerned. From bright pink to red, purple, or black, you can decorate the cake in whatever colour you like.

These unusual designs though can attract criticism from those who’re fond of a less elaborated cake. 

Novelty Wedding Cake

Traditional cakes are still in the trends despite their old-fashioned name. They usually consist of one or more tiers that follow a clear pattern, either round or square. These cakes bring classic opulence to your event, and are less subject to criticism, as they will most likely please everyone.

Classic designs usually involve flowers, brush embroidery, lace appliqué, and other traditional motifs.  

When it comes to colours, you’ll also have to stick to a traditional palette. The classiest wedding cakes are white with white decorations. However, most pastel shades are universally accepted as adequate colour choices. Blush pink, ivory, baby blue, greenish, as well as colder tonalities such as light grey or pearl, are just some of the shades that can inspire you.

If you’re not yet convinced which type of cake is right for you, here are some awe-inspiring ideas.

Novelty Wedding Cakes Ideas

1. Ombré Wedding Cake

Ombré cakes are not only trendy, but they are also elegant and can successfully mimic a traditional wedding cake. Pastry chefs can produce ombré icing in the colours of your choice, and you can even decorate the cake with opulent details, such as gold foil or pearls.

2. Real Flower Wedding Cake

A classic design with a twist, the wedding cakes decorated with real flowers can take the traditional style to the next level while adding originality and contemporaneity to the design. If you want an all-edible cake, you can either choose edible flowers or replace them with fresh berries.

3. Themed Wedding Cake

Themed wedding cakes are the most versatile. You can get inspired by your hobby, by nature, or even by traditions. For instance, you can make a cake decorated with oriental elements if the colourful Eastern culture inspires you. A travel-themed cake speaks volumes about your interests as a couple, and the ideas could go on and on.

Traditional Wedding Cakes Ideas

1. Lambeth Wedding Cake

Perhaps the most traditional of the conventional designs. Lambeth cakes mimic the luxurious Wedgwood Jasperware decorative style, impressing with decadent cake piping and lace imitations. A simple yet luxurious palette gives you the possibility to choose from a white on white cake, or pair classic white with other traditional colours including beige, taupe, and duck egg.

2. Matelassé Wedding Cake

If you love traditional cakes but still want to add a unique element, a Matelassé cake could be perfect for you. This type of cake usually follows the classic white on the white rule and comes with sugar-paste roses or other elaborated flowers. Quilted cotton matelassé at the base of the cake gives the final touch; at the same time, you can also create a beautiful contrast by decorating the cake with fondant textured bands.

3. Monogram Wedding Cake

Sophisticated and elegant, a monogram wedding cake pairs wonderfully with a classic style reception. If you want to wow your guests, go for a seven-tier cake decorated with white fondant, sugar-paste flowers, and vintage ribbons. Place the monogram either on the top or the middle tier. If an all-white cake is just too much, colour the flowers in pastel shades and pick a matching hue for the ribbon. The monogram, however, should remain white.

In Conclusion

Whether it’s a novelty or traditional wedding cakes, what matters, in the end, is that the choice makes you happy. There are many modern designs inspired by the traditional tiered cake, so you can easily mix and blends elements to create a unique look without breaking all traditional wedding cake rules.

Also, remember that there is nothing wrong with breaking all rules and drawing out of the line if you feel like it.

If you want a quirky, novelty wedding cake or a tiered plateau full of cupcakes instead of a cake in the real sense of the word, just go for it. We’re sure that regardless of your choice, you’ll have a perfect wedding day.  

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