Underwater Weddings

Most couples like to go for traditional, white weddings in fancy venues surrounded by beautiful flowers. But for couples who want to go against the grain with their weddings, there are lots of different options. Some couples choose to get married on the beach. Some choose to get married in a chapel tent at a festival. Some even fly off to Vegas! But there are so many more alternative options you can go for. How about an underwater wedding? Getting married underwater, amongst marine life! Yep, these weddings really exist and many people are jumping at the chance to get wed beneath the deep blue sea. Let’s take a closer look at this type of wedding:

What Will Happen Before an Underwater Ceremony?

Underwater Wedding 1Depending on where you decide to have your underwater wedding, you may be required to take scuba diving lessons. At the very least, you’ll have a quick demo to show you how you must behave underwater to get married safely. When it comes to getting married underwater, there’s a small element of danger. This is why you need to be careful and listen to instruction carefully. You may be able to wear traditional wedding outfits, but you may also be required to wear proper suits and equipment. This will depend on where you choose to have the wedding. If you have guests with you, they can usually go with you to see you marry underwater. However, many decide not to and simply watch on a boat or wait at the reception area. This doesn’t make the ceremony any less magical!

What Will Happen During the Ceremony?

During the ceremony, you’ll usually have a priest greet you and a scuba diving instructor accompany you. This is to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as it possibly can. You’ll be given equipment that allows you to follow the ceremony perfectly.

What Will Happen After the Ceremony?

After the ceremony you may have a swim around the chapel or venue before returning to the surface. It will then usually be your choice. You could go back to shore before having your reception. Some people even choose to have another ceremony on the shore so that their friends and family can enjoy it too. You may choose to stay on a boat and have your reception there. Depending on the package you choose and the place you have your wedding with, the setup will vary.

Underwater Wedding 2
Where Can You Have an Underwater Wedding?

As underwater weddings are becoming more popular, you can have them all over the world. You can get married in lagoons in Bora Bora. You can get married in Aquaworld in Cancun. There are places in Bali and the Bahamas. Just about any tropical place you can think of will have underwater weddings available!

Getting married underwater is an unconventional choice. However, it’s great for a couple who want a magical, memorable day. If you want to say that your wedding was genuinely different from the rest of them, you can with an underwater wedding!

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