Lengths people go for the perfect marriage proposal

When the times comes to take your relationship to the next level, engagement might be on the cards. It is crazy the lengths some people go to when they decide to pop the question. From flash mob marriage proposal to celebrity ones, there are loads of ways to get the message out there. Let’s take a look at some of the most extreme ways.

Marriage Proposal 1Proposals from celebrities

If you’re not ready to ask your love yourself, why not get a famous face do it for you? That’s what one camera operator did when he decided it was time to take the next step. Way back in 2004, a cameraman was filming a Portuguese show starring none other than Tom Cruise. He asked Tom to pop the question live on TV for him. Of course, Tom agreed to take part in this exciting proposal. When the show aired, the cameraman called his girlfriend to make sure that she was watching. Of course, she said yes. Wouldn’t you?

Flash mobs

Marriage Proposal 2With the popularity of the internet comes a new way to propose. Flash mobs have become more and more acceptable these days. If you search for flash mob proposals online, you’re sure to get hundreds of thousands of hits. Why? Because this is one of the trendiest ways to tells someone how you feel. One of the best ones takes place in London on the underground. A couple are riding when everyone around them starts to sing. At the end of the song, the guy gets down on one knee and asks the girl to marry him. Of course, she says yes. It turns out that the man had planned the whole thing and enlisted the help of a choir too!

Virtual proposals

Marriage Proposal 3Video gamers dedicate a lot of their spare time to their passion. It is true that many couples now meet on online games and find true love. If you and your partner met online, there is only one way to tell them how you feel. Many people have created elaborate proposals in video games. For example, one notable guy proposed to his girlfriend while playing the game Halo. He set up some items (in the game) to spell out ‘Marry me?’ on the floor. He then invited his girlfriend to play a two-player trial with him. When the game started, he lead her character to just the right spot where she could see the question.

Perfect marriage proposal, according to women

Of course, men tend to be the ones to propose, but what do women want? Well, that is a question men have been asking themselves for many years. According to a 2013 study by drinks company Lambrini, some women have the same idea. The majority of women thought their man should propose two years into the relationship. The ideal proposal scenario, according to this study, takes place on an isolated beach. That means that if men want to impress their lady, they should whisk her away to a faraway island and pop the question. So, forget all the hype and keep things simple, eh?

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