Creating and Planning your perfect Spring Wedding

If you choose to have your wedding during spring, you’re choosing one of the most beautiful times of year to get married. Spring weddings are full of colour in the form of fresh flowers, and the air is clean and breezy. Taking pictures becomes so simple during spring time! Here are some ideas and trends for spring weddings.

Getting the Colour Palette Right

Spring Wedding 1When it comes to the spring colour palette, pastel colours are very popular. Choosing yellows, blues, and pinks in pastel shades will make your wedding palette perfect for the time of year. You can even carry the pastel colour trend through to your bridesmaid dresses, in shades of green, lavender, or powder blue. It’ll look really cute with flowers of a contrasting colour! You can even make things more luxurious with metallic accents. However, if you don’t want to use pastels that’s your call. Just because it’s spring, doesn’t mean you need to go with what’s popular. You can use brighter shades like magenta and royal blue if you prefer! Surprisingly, many people don’t make the most of the fresh spring greens available to them. Why not use beautiful green leaves and vines to decorate your venue and make the place feel fresh too? Whatever you do, you must include a pop of colour in your spring wedding colour palette. An all white wedding can look great, but giving a nod to the season will make your wedding even better.

On Trend Bridal Outfits

In terms of spring wedding dresses, there are a couple of dresses that are really stealing the show. You can now get dresses that are beautiful and full for the day time ceremony, but allow you to remove the full skirt for the evening ceremony. Then you’re instantly ready to party! You can also go for those tea length dresses that come about halfway down the calf. As spring weddings are a little warmer, they make the perfect length dress. If you’re getting wed outside, don’t be afraid to wear a colourful pair of wellies with your tea length dress! They’ll look really cute and you’ll be well prepared for when it rains.

Some funky brides even like to include patterns when it comes to bridesmaid dresses, and even their own dresses! Butterfly patterns and floral patterns work so well for spring time. Tea length dresses are popular for bridesmaids in spring, but if you prefer longer dresses then go for it.


Spring Wedding 2Spring centrepieces are one of the most beautiful parts of a spring wedding. You don’t have to go overboard like so many others seem to do during spring. You could get creative, covering candle filled vases with sprigs of lavender and tying with brown string. Daisies, lilacs, peonies and tulips are popular spring flowers to have in your centrepiece too. Using vintage mason jars and vases to house your centrepieces add character to your tables.


You can get creative with your spring wedding invitations and create something really magical. Some couples like to have watercolour flowers on their invitations. Others prefer to use metallic patterns such as polka dots on a contrasting colour. You can even find beautiful invitations with laser cut patterns, and some that have used vintage looking paper. You can let your imagination run wild, but be sure that your invitations create a sense of occasion when they land on your guest’s doormat.

Tall Cakes

Forget having hundreds of cupcakes for your guests or a 3 tier cake, spring weddings are all about having tall cakes. How tall? 5 or 6 tiers! Make sure you decorate with plenty of edible flowers for springtime chic. Some people even like to do something a little different, decorating with lavender and using rustic wooden cake boards.

Although you have the ‘norms’ when it comes to spring weddings, there are no hard and fast rules. As long as you love your colour scheme, bridal outfits, cake, and the rest, you’ll have a wonderful day!

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