Popular Honeymoon Destinations

As your wedding day approaches, you’re surely getting incredibly excited about the big day. But there’s another thing to feel enthusiastic about, just beyond the wedding. No, it’s not your marriage, although you should be looking forward to that too. It’s the honeymoon. One of the best parts of planning your wedding is not the ceremony or the reception. It’s what comes afterwards.

Your honeymoon is often your first days together as a married couple. It gives you time to revel in your new relationship status before you have to go back to the daily grind. Your first holiday as a married couple should be unique. One of these popular honeymoon destinations is sure to give you the time of your lives.

Beach Destinations

Honeymoon 1Think about where most people go on their honeymoon. You probably come up with a lot of beaches right away. Caribbean islands and Mediterranean resorts are some of the most popular locations. Who wouldn’t want to spend their first days as a couple lying on the sand? You can have waves lapping at your toes as you sip on a cocktail and get a massage. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can jet off around the world or stay closer to home.

The stunning Maldives, southwest of Sri Lanka, is frequently chosen for honeymoons. Or the equally awe-inspiring Seychelles is a place you don’t want to miss. But if you wish to stay in Europe, tourism is still strong in Greece. There, you’ll find everything from beaches to world heritage sites.

Honeymooning in the Snow

Getting married in the winter? If you don’t want to escape to somewhere warmer, why not enjoy a honeymoon in the snow? Jet off to the Alps and relax in a luxury resort, where you can spend your days being pampered. Active couples can spend their time on the slopes. Ski or snowboard during the day, or do something different, like snowshoeing.

When it’s time to relax, you can sit in front of a roaring fire with a glass of brandy or an Irish coffee. Hop into a hot tub to warm you up and spend some time snuggling with your newly wedded partner. If you want to fly further, you could enjoy American resorts in Vermont, Colorado and more.

Honeymoon Staycation

You don’t have to go far if you want to have an amazing honeymoon. Couples on a budget or who want their money to go further can stay in the UK. There are hundreds of incredible destinations. You can find somewhere you love by the seaside, in the mountains or the countryside.Honeymoon 2

Try escaping to Scotland. You can find 5-star hotels in the city or country. Or stay in beautiful lodges in the Highlands or even on your own private island. Or sequester yourselves away in the Lake District. You can spend your days walking or cycling the verdant landscape.

You could stay close to home or find a destination halfway around the world for your honeymoon. Wherever you choose to go, enjoy your time as newlyweds while you can.

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