Planning your Valentines Day Wedding

Planning your wedding for Valentines Day, will make it an even more, magical and memorable day. Opting to host your wedding on February 14th can be incredibly fun and romantic. But to get the day just right, you will need to put in a little extra effort.

The main issue with Valentine’s Day weddings is that if not carefully planned, they can end up lacking elegance. Of course, this all depends on the decor and accessories that are in place. If you pick the right things and think each decoration and feature through, you can stage the most elegant wedding. To help you plan a beautiful Valentine’s Day wedding, we have come up with a few ideas.

Send out themed invites

Valentines Day 1Get your wedding off to a good start by sending out Valentine-themed wedding invitations. There are lots of cute ways that you can give your invites a Valentine’s look and feel. One of the best, however, is by turning them into cards. Instead of one-sided invites, send out invitations that resemble Valentine’s cards. To get some ideas of how to go about this, get in touch with a wedding invitation designer.

Go red and white with the colour scheme

Every wedding needs a colour scheme, as this is what brings the whole thing together. For a Valentine’s Day wedding, the colour scheme has to be red and white. If red doesn’t appeal to you, pink and white could work just as well. Or, if you want a theme that incorporates more than two colours, pink, red and white could work well together.

The great thing about opting for one of these colour schemes is that you can easily make it elegant. It’s just a case of being choosy about the shade of red that you use – make sure to avoid postbox red as this is too bright. Slightly darker shades, like crimson and scarlet, could be ideal. If you’re using pink, the same applies – be selective of the shade. Before picking a certain hue, it’s a good idea to think about flowers and what shades they come in. For a Valentine’s Day wedding, roses and carnations are perfect.

For an elegant affair, don’t use red and pink as the main colours, instead, use them as accents. Make white your main colour, as white, if used properly, can be luxurious and elegant. And then use red and pink for adding a little colour here and there, such as on the decorations.

Get creative with the food and drink

Valentines Day 2What’s a Valentine’s Day wedding without themed food and drink? Coming up with romantic ideas for the food and drink is much easier than you would think. If you plan on hiring a caterer, it might be worth talking to them about your needs beforehand, to see if they can create the type of food you want. Go along to your first meeting with them, with a few ideas. (You can check out Valentine’s inspired food on Pinterest to get a little inspiration.)

For dessert, things like pink meringues, red velvet cupcakes, and heart-shaped fudge, are all ideal. Savoury food can be a little harder to get right, but with a little creativity, it is possible. Drinks are easy to add a little Valentine’s magic to. Instead of serving regular champagne, opt for pink bubbly. For the toasts, give each guest a pink and red cocktail – have a look online for ideas.

Get the decorations spot on

The hardest part of a Valentines Day wedding to get right has to be the decorations. Instead of putting strings of paper hearts about and using Valentine’s decor to decorate, get creative. Your best bet is to go down the rustic route. Use wooden hand-painted signs, candles in glass jars, strings of fairy lights, and so on, to decorate. When it comes to decor, don’t focus on hearts and cupid’s bow, focus on romance.

A Valentines Day wedding can make your big day, even more special; it’s just a case of getting the planning right. Take note of these tips, and you can organise the most romantic Valentine’s wedding.

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