New Years Eve Weddings

Have you thought about how amazing getting married on New Years Eve would be? Here at UK Wedding Savings, we are all behind the ultimate celebration. Imagine having all of your friends and family around you not only on the most important day in your life, but the biggest night of the year


The majority of wedding venues will allow you to have fireworks at your wedding, especially on New Year’s Eve. Some venues will charge you a small fee for use of the grounds but then sourcing the fireworks are down to you. Big, small or colourful, take your pick!


Most wedding venues will allow you to have outdoor sparklers at your wedding. Using sparklers can be so effective when taking into consideration the wedding photography. This would also be a really fun aspect of the day where you can get all of your guests involved, young or old!

Festive Food

If your’e anything like us, you are a real foodie, and you can’t get much better than festive food! Winter is often the time we snuggle up with our loved ones and eat the most delicious food. Many venues adapt their menu over the Christmas and New Years period. Mince pies, mulled wine and lots of prosecco can be added to your wedding package free of charge!


Everyone needs to make a toast at midnight on New Years Eve, and this is no exception at your wedding. A lot of venues only allow venue hire until Midnight or 1am for most weddings, but midnight is always 1am or later! This means you can truly dance your way into the new year with all of your loved ones.

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