Mother of the Bride Duties

So, your little girl is about to become someone’s wife? There’s no doubt that your emotions will be running high right now. After all, when your child (she will always be your child) ties the knot, they start a family. It is a beautiful, magical thing. Of course, you want to be there for your daughter in every way. Here are some of the mother of the bride duties!

Mother of the Bride 1Dig out the family heirlooms

Now is the time when you should pass down any heirlooms to your daughter. There may be a picture that your grandmother gave you or your great aunt’s necklace. If you want to make the day extra special, start off by giving your daughter something she will treasure. She can even use the heirloom as her ‘something old.’

Offer emotional support

Wedding days are an emotional time for everyone. For your daughter, the day represents a new phase in her life. It is as scary as it is exciting. As her mother, you know her better than anyone else in the world. You need to give her all the support she needs. If she gets cold feet, be there to talk to her. If all else fails, give her a hug and tell her it will all be fine.

Help with the shopping

Before the big day comes, you need to Mother of the Bride 2make sure that your daughter can handle everything. One of your main duties will be helping with buying everything needed for the wedding. You need to be there for everything from choosing the dress to picking decorations for the tables. Don’t be afraid to give an opinion.

Prepare your speech

Sometimes, the mother of the bride likes to give a speech at the dinner. If you plan on addressing the wedding party, you need to plan what you’re going to say. Keep things simple and honest. Tell people how proud you are of your girl and how you wish the couple happiness. Oh, and if you end up weeping, don’t worry! People will understand and love you for it.

Mother of the Bride 3Greet people as they come

When people come to the wedding, the bride will be too busy to greet them. You should be on the door, ready to say hello to everyone that comes through it. Make an effort to chat with people and tell them how happy you are that they have come. Also, you should direct people if they don’t know where to sit.

Chat with the groom’s mum

The last thing you want is for your outfit to clash with the groom’s mum’s outfit! You should chat with her about what she plans to wear to the event. Remember, you are going to be in lots of pictures together, and so you both need to look incredible.

Just be there for your daughter

Finally, the most important thing you need to remember is that you should be there for your daughter. This day is the most magical day of her life. Whatever she needs, you need to help her out. Offer her support and a helping hand when she needs it the most!

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