Most Elaborate Celebrity Weddings

The lifestyles of celebrities never fail to amaze us. From extravagant cars to crazy, massive mansions, they seem to have it all. It’s no surprise that when it comes to their wedding days, they want things to be just a tad lavish! So, who spent the most on their wedding days and who’s big day do you envy? Let’s take a quick look at some of the most elaborate celebrity weddings! (Try not to get too jealous over them, eh?)

Madonna and Guy Ritchie

Remember back in the day, when Madonna and Guy Ritchie were together? Well, their wedding day was anything but cheap. Madonna, being the ultimate queen of style, could not just have any old dress for her special day. Nope, she had to have a gorgeous Stella McCartney original dress. When the pair wed back in 2000, Madonna wore a dress that cost a massive $80,000 (or £51,000). The entire cost of the wedding came to £908,000. The couple rented a Scottish castle for the event and hosted hundreds and hundreds of guests.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are the cutest celebrity couple. As such, their wedding day had to be pretty special. This pair decided to host their wedding day in the most romantic country in the world – Italy. Of course, when you’re a celebrity, nothing is private. The couple had to pay extra so that the businesses and buildings around the hotel would shut for the day. That way, they could keep any sneaky paparazzi at bay. Justin and Jessica booked out the entire hotel and its staff. The cost of the wedding came to £3.9 million. As an extra treat, the couple put bags in their guests’ rooms. Inside the goodie bags, there were some authentic Italian treats, such as olive oil and bread. Yummy.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

There was a time when Kim Kardashian wasn’t with the legend that is Kanye West. Yep, he is by far her first husband. (Actually, he is her third, but let’s not talk about that for now.) Way back when Kim married Kris, the couple splashed out an epic £6 million on the big day. Style icon, Kim K, wore three different Vera Wang dresses throughout the course of her day. She also bought a diamond head accessory, which cost about £1.6 million. Five hundred guests attended the event, as well as a film crew and the usual Kardashian entourage.

Celebrity Weddings 2Wayne and Coleen Rooney

Back here in the UK, we have a celebrity couple that splashed their cash when it came to their wedding day. Childhood sweethearts, Wayne and Coleen Rooney couldn’t to let the US celebs upstage them. The couple spent £5 million on their event, which they held for four days in Italy. The couple also paid Westlife to play at their wedding. That exciting experience cost them over £400,000. The rest of the funds went on catering, the venue and, of course, Coleen’s incredible dress.

What do you think of these celebrity weddings?

Have they inspired you to create your dream day?

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