Ideas for the Perfect Wedding Bouquets

If you want to get a little creative in the lead-up to your special day, why not make your bouquets? Many brides pay a small fortune for this aspect of their wedding, but you needn’t do so. In fact, if you want an individual and beautiful bouquet, you might as well make it at home. It is not as hard as you might imagine. In fact, there are many guides online that will help you with every step of the way. If you need some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some excellent bouquet ideas that may just be perfect for your event!

Bouquets 1Fake flower bouquets

If you want to make the bouquet well in advance, you could use plastic flowers for it. You can get some rather stunning fake flowers from many arts and crafts shops. Of course, you want to look for ones that are as realistic as possible. That means that you need to find ones that look as close to the real deal as they can be. Arranging these flowers should be no trouble at all. You can use a sandwich bag tie to secure them at first. Next, wrap an extravagant ribbon around the tie (to cover it up). This step will make the bouquet look bohemian and cute.

Summer flower bouquets

If you’re lucky enough to have a summer wedding, you need a bouquet that matches that. You should get some flowers the morning of your ceremony. Don’t tell the florist that they are for a wedding or you will pay a lot of money. Pick out two or three different species and ensure that they work with your colour theme. Remember, you never want to use more than three colours when it comes to a traditional bouquet.

Rose bouquets

Bouquets 2Of course, roses are always a popular choice when it comes to wedding flowers. Sometimes, a handful of roses can look more sophisticated than twenty or thirty of them. You should get five beautiful flowers and bind them together. You likely want the stems to create one straight line. To achieve this effect, you need to use a ribbon to tie the stems in different places. Make three separate bows all the way up the stems – one at the bottom, one in the middle and one near the top. You should, of course, rid the stems of any thorns before doing so.

Bouquets 3Paper bouquets

If you are an artsy person, you will adore this idea. You can make paper flowers that will look perfect for your special day. Of course, it takes a little time to make these ornaments, and so you should spend some time practicing. All you need to do is use crate paper to create the petals. You will need some glue to secure this part of the flower. You can get fake stems online for next to nothing. Once you secure the stems to the flowers, you will have a great design.

Add some little extras

If you want to add a few extras to your bouquet, there are loads of cool things you can get. For example, you might wish to grab some buttons and stick them to the stems of the flowers. You can also get glitter and even some pretty sequins as well. Check out what you can find online and try to incorporate things into your designs. If you follow this advice, your bouquet will look truly unique.

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