Hen and Stag Parties

A hen and stag party is meant to be a last hurrah for the bride or groom, before they settle into married life. While marriage doesn’t stop couples partying or going out anymore, it’s still fun to spend a night with friends. Getting married can change how much time you have a to spend with them, so it’s great to connect before the big day. It’s often someone else’s responsibility to plan the party, so the bride and groom can catch a break. Although it’s nowhere near as important or as big as the wedding itself, putting on a fun-filled time can still be hard. Start with this guide to work out who does what and where you should go.

Who’s Responsible?

Hen and Stag Parties 1Traditionally, it’s the best man or the maid of honour who’s in charge of planning the stag or hen do. You might choose to do it that way, but not everyone wants to be traditional. Even if the party is in someone else’s hands, the bride or groom is probably going to want to have a say. A few bridesmaids or groomsmen could get together and share the load too, so the planning isn’t all on one person’s shoulders.

Things to Consider

There’s a lot to think about when you’re trying to plan the big night (or day, or even weekend). Firstly, there’s how long you want to spend together. Going on a stag or hen weekend is pretty popular, and you can get some great travel deals. Of course, there’s a budget to keep in mind, and usually, everyone pays their own way. Then you have to consider who to invite, and when to have it. And, of course, there’s the big question of what to do.

Hen and Stag Parties 2Where to Go and What to Do

Planning a stag or hen do used to be easy. You would all go out drinking, and perhaps rent a limo to go from place to place. But now there are so many options, which is both a good and bad thing. Not everyone likes clubbing, bar hopping, or even going out in the evening. You can now do almost anything, from cupcake making classes to a weekend in Poland. There are no restrictions, at least until it comes to the budget. The important thing is to balance what the bride or groom wants to do, and what the guests want to attend.

Who to Invite

Choosing who to invite can sometimes be complicated. Should it be friends only, siblings, perhaps even parents or aunts and uncles? Should the bride ask her fiancĂ©’s sister? What about colleagues? It’s really up to each person what they want to do about their guest list. The important thing to do is not to worry too much about etiquette. Think about who you want there.

Keeping Your Budget in Mind

It’s essential to have a budget and to remember that the baseline is what the guests can afford. The bride or groom needs to talk to their friends about what they can pay. And if they want something more expensive, it’s up to them to foot the bill for anyone who can’t afford it if they want them to be there.

Making plans for a stag or hen do shouldn’t be as stressful as planning the wedding. The bride or groom needs to make sure they have help, so the process is fun.

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