Getting Married Abroad – The Pros and Cons

You have to make a lot of big decisions when you’re planning your wedding. It can be tough for anyone who is indecisive, but you have to make your choices eventually. There is one thing you may have to settle on before anything else: will you get married at home or abroad? There are both pros and cons to having a destination wedding. Don’t make your choice before you have thought about these issues.

Pro: Keeping It Small

Whittling down your guest list can extremely hard. You might start off with 200 people. And most of them are only there because they expect an invite, not because you want them there. Getting married abroad is one way to solve this problem. You have an excuse to keep the guest list short to save on expenses, and many people won’t want to make the journey to attend. In fact, you might find that several potential guests are happy they don’t have to make the effort.

Married Abroad 1Con: Risk of It Being Too Small

On the other hand, you could end up with your wedding being smaller than you would like. Unless you’re able to cover your guests’ expenses, they may not all be able to afford to come. There is a risk of your nearest and dearest not being at your wedding because they are unable to attend. They have not just the expense to think of, but the time too. Remember that your wedding will be taking up some of their holiday days.

Pro: Wedding and Honeymoon in One

If you have the perfect honeymoon destination in mind, getting married there too can help with the cost. Instead of spending all the money on the wedding and having none left for the honeymoon, you can combine the two. Once you are married, you will already be on your honeymoon, without having to go anywhere. You could choose to spend some or all of your time there with your guests too.

Con: Guests to Entertain

A downside to having your honeymoon in the same place as the wedding is that you might feel you don’t get a break. If your guests are sticking around, you may not be able to avoid them. For some, this isn’t a bad thing, but other couples want to have space and time to themselves. Consider the fact that your guests might expect you to entertain them.

Married Abroad 2Pro: Potential Savings

Marrying in another country could even turn out cheaper than doing it at home. There are several places where you can save on the wedding, even when dealing with an international service. Keeping the guest list smaller will make a significant difference

Con: Planning from Another Country

Arranging a marriage abroad isn’t always as easy as doing it at home. There can be different rules to follow and red tape to cut through. Planning it all from half a world away or even a few hundred miles away can be a headache. If you’re prone to stress, it could be wise to steer clear of a destination wedding.

A wedding abroad is the right choice for many couples, but not all of them. Think it over carefully before you decide.

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