Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue

Finding your wedding venue is no easy task. It’s one of the most important decisions you need to make for the big day. Your choice of venue is going to inform so many of your other options, from catering to decoration. But there should be a list of things that you require from your venue too. You have to think about the size of your guest list, the location, and even how it’s going to look in photos. Even knowing how many venues to see can be complicated. If the first one you look at appeals to you, should you keep going and find some more? Try this guide to help you know when to stop.

Just the One

Wedding Venue 1You make plans to visit your first venue, and you go to meet the wedding coordinator. After taking a look around and having a chat, you’re convinced it’s perfect. Do you make a commitment right away, even though you haven’t seen anywhere else? It’s so easy to get excited about possibly finding the best venue. You might be convinced that you don’t need to try anywhere else. But a lot of people will have a logical voice in their mind telling them not to commit just yet. If you have nothing to compare it with, how can you be sure it’s right for you? The decision is whether to go with your head or your heart.

Two or Three

If just the one venue isn’t enough for you, looking at one or two more will help you out. You can begin to make a comparison so you can ensure you’re choosing correctly. There are some things you put side by side to make sure they’re right for you. For example, you can look at the prices on offer. Is your preferred venue giving you the best deal you could hope for, or is it better to compromise for a better price? Going on to look at some more venues might change your mind about the first one you viewed. Perhaps you thought it was perfect, but you could find something even better.

Four or Five

Once you start looking at a few more venues, it can begin to get a bit confusing. You might be able to rule some out after visiting, but what happens if you like all of them? You might feel a little overwhelmed, but it’s good to have lots of choice. Make sure you have your list of priorities for your venue, from your budget to the capacity. You can take a close look at which place matches your requirements best.

Wedding Venue 2As Many as Needed

For some couples, the only way to find their dream venue is not to stop until they’ve discovered it. That might mean looking at a lot of different places, but it could help you get the perfect location. Just like if you were looking for a new house, don’t stop until you have the best venue for your big day. However, be careful about holding your standards too high. You might never find the right place if there’s always one tiny thing wrong with every venue you view.

Everyone has different requirements and attitudes towards their wedding venue. Whether you’re feeling relaxed or you’re on a mission, don’t stop until you find the one for you.

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