Disney Themed Wedding

Tradition might seem like a big deal when it comes to weddings, but it doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to have a classic white wedding; you can plan your big day however you want to. If you and your partner are big Disney fans, you could consider planning a Disney-themed wedding. There’s something beautifully magical about Disney. Making it the perfect theme for incorporating into your special day. Whether you’re fans of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, or love all things Disney, there are plenty of ways you can reflect this in your wedding plans. Here are some tips and ideas for planning a magical Disney-themed wedding.

disney1Deciding on the specific theme

Of course, Disney as a theme works well, but you also have the option of selecting a specific theme. If, for example, you’re mad about Cinderella or are obsessed with Beauty and The Beast, a wedding themed around one of these could be perfect. You can easily mix and match, but it might be easier to stick to one specific area of Disney. If you’re Disney princess mad, why not have a Disney princess wedding? The options are limitless; it’s just a case of deciding what will work best for you. As well as what’s wedding appropriate and will be romantic and stylish, as well as cute.

Choosing the perfect venue

For a Disney wedding, there’s no doubt about it; the venue has to be magical. Whether you opt to get married in a castle or a marquee, you need to ensure that you can transform the interior into a magical haven. Think fairy lights, candles in coloured jam jars, and beautifully laid banquet tables. The more magical your venue, the better. Of course, the exterior should also look amazing; that’s why a castle could be a good venue option. However, you can easily do up the outside of any venue to give it that magical feel. It’s just a case of getting creative and finding the right inspiration.

The save-the-dates and invitations

disney2Your save-the-dates and invitations are meant to give your guest a sneak peak into what to expect. As well as letting them know the details of your big day. The most important thing is that both your save-the-dates and invitations match and are themed around your wedding plans. For Disney inspired save-the-dates and invitations, have a browse online for ideas. If you’re going for a Disney princess themed do, opting for the ball invitation look could be ideal. Think glitter, ribbon and lots of swirly, twirly writing. There are plenty of ideas you can use for inspiration online. You could also re-watch a few of your favourite Disney movies to get an idea of what the ball invitations look like.

Focus on the little things

As with any wedding, when it comes to creating the perfect atmosphere, it’s all about the little things. The venue might be important, but it’s the small details that pull the whole celebration together. That’s why it’s so important to make time to focus on the little things.  For example, instead of toasting with champagne, opt to serve Alice in Wonderland style cocktails. Don’t serve a simple wedding cake, go for something a little more lavish. For a magical twist of wedding favours, give each guest a pot of magic fairy dust – aka glitter. Instead of having a regular sit-down meal, opt to organise an Alice in Wonderland style Mad Hatter’s Tea.

For a beautiful, Disney-inspired wedding, take note of the tips and ideas above.

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