Creating your Wedding Day Timeline

Creating a schedule for your wedding day can be a confusing time for any couple when planning their big day, especially if it is your first time getting married! It is easy to overlook certain time consuming aspects of the day, or leave certain parts till the last minute leaving them rushed and stressful. This is our idea of the perfect wedding day schedule that you could apply to any venue you choose.

6am – 8am – Breakfast, Makeup and hair

Depending what time you are having your ceremony, we recommend leaving at least 4 hours to get ready. This may seem like a long time when usually you are up and out of the door in 23 minutes flat for work, but we promise you, this is the day you want to relax and take your time. Plus, it is always good to have spare time in case any disasters happen when getting ready!

It is vital to have some time to have a light breakfast and your morning coffee, then followed by a glass (or three) of prosecco whilst getting ready. Not only does this help you settle your nerves ahead of your big day, but it can also help to relax your bridal party, and it is vital to have some down time with your close friends and family ahead of the hectic day.

When we spoke to a wedding makeup artist she said that often a bride’s makeup will take around 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes, and hair styling can take an extra hour on top of this! Luckily, they are very good at multi-tasking so any bridesmaid’s hair can be completed whilst the makeup artist is focusing on the bride and vice versa. 

Wedding Day 1

8am – 10am – Getting dressed and final touches

It is important to bear in mind that if you have booked a wedding photographer, taking the photos of the bridal party getting ready can be some of the most raw and effective shots in a wedding album. These photos can’t be rushed, so it is always good to have a relaxed atmosphere. Plus, it’s always better to get as many shots as you can; you’ve paid for them after all!

Getting into the wedding dress can sometimes be a mission in itself. There is nothing worse than getting hot and sweaty, panicking, rushing, and ruining all that beautiful hair and makeup before you run out of the door. Again, it should be an enjoyable part of the wedding day, as we all know the wedding dress is one of the most important things at a wedding. Plus, you need time to pass mum and dad the tissues!

10am – 10:30am – Getting to the venue

Wedding Day 2

It is important to leave yourself enough time to get to the venue ahead of the wedding. This is because you never know what could happen. The car could break down, there could be awful traffic, or even pedestrians may stop you and ask to take a photo (whilst you are riding in on your horse and carriage) you don’t want to leave your fiancée waiting!

Wedding Day 3

11am – 12pm – The Ceremony

The wedding ceremony is the traditional part of any wedding, but this doesn’t mean it has to be the same as every other wedding. You can choose it to be as long or as short as you want. Whether you want to sing a couple of songs, have a few prayers, have some embarrassing speeches from family members, or sign on the line and get kissing. Each wedding day is different, and this is a good way to reflect your love and personalities.

Wedding Day 4

12pm – 3pm – Photo and social time

2 hours may seem like a long time to be ‘waiting around’, but honestly, you’ll need it. During these two hours it gives the photographer time to take those all-important photos of you with all of your family and friends. Getting everyone together at the same place at the same time can be a nightmare, so it is good to allow yourself enough time not to have to worry where great grandad George has wandered off to.

It is also an amazing opportunity for people to socialise. Some family and friends from each of your side of the family may have not met before or only met on a handful of occasions, so it is a good time to catch up and mingle.

During this time it is also lovely to actually stop, enjoy the canapes  and take in the scenery at your wedding venue. It is the day you have always dreamed of, so breathe it in and enjoy the celebration.

Wedding Day 5

3pm – 6pm – Wedding Breakfast

It is always good to allow between 2 and 3 hours for the wedding breakfast. This will give your guests the chance to get settled at their table, acquainted with their neighbours and take their time with their food. Three course dinners, with tea and coffee do tend to take a lot longer to get through that you may first imagine!

This is also time for the speeches. Depending how chatty your family is, and how many embarrassing stories they have to tell, they can really take up the time. Usually we say speeches in last around 10-15 minutes each.  They are usually done after the main course or after desert.

A Toast too...

6pm – 7pm – More social time

We usually recommend inviting your evening guests from 7pm. This is so that it gives you enough time to finish your wedding breakfast and change the room over if needed to get ready for the DJ and dancefloor. You can use this time to have some more photos taken with loved ones, or head up to your bridal suite to get freshened up.

Wedding Day 7

7pm – Midnight – PARTY

Now it is time to really let your hair down. Wedding venues and DJ’s usually allow you to use the venue until midnight, but some may change this if requested. The evening buffet for those hungry evening guests usually gets brought out around 9pm, just as the day guests begin to need something to snack on!

So get those dancing shoes at the ready, and enjoy your celebration!

Party Time

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