Choosing the Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses

Now that you and your partner are sorted, what about the bridesmaid dresses? What do you go for; short or long, bright or deep, sleeves or sleeveless? We don’t want our bridesmaids outdoing us brides when it comes to standing out on the big day, yet at the same time we don’t want our guests dressed better then the maids. So many styles but where to begin… well, let us help you out a bit there!

50 shades of ‘what colour do I go for’.

Take into consideration your theme and what colour you like to show in your photographs. There may be certain colouring featured with regards to your Wedding Day, and if not what colour do you like. Will the colour suit the actual bridesmaids; even though their opinion should not influence your choice as it is your wedding, but you wouldn’t like having one Bridesmaid Dress looking stunning on one girl, yet hideous on another?


Bridesmaid Dresses 1Style to Smile

Style to smile, although prepare for tantrums between bridesmaids if you have picked the picky ones. You may find it hard to please everyone, but as long as you’re happy then they should be too if they really care; however it they are girls at the end of the day and every girl wants to feel pretty with what they wear. If you can chose a style of dress that gets smiles all round, then you are onto a winner!


But there are many styles!

Think about what season you’re getting married in – maxi dresses are lovely on a summer’s day. Think about skin tones and hair colour – a very pale yellow may suit one of a darker skin tone but wash out one with a much paler complexion.

Think about your theme – a quirky styled wedding may suit a shabby yet chic bridesmaids’ outfit with real flowers in the maids’ hair.Bridesmaid Dresses 2

Think about their age – while a 50’s style knee length dress may look dapper on a twenty something, you don’t want anyone of an older age feeling uncomfortable with their pins out.
And finally, Think about you – you may not even want all the bridesmaids dresses matching completely and would prefer the same dress in different colours to add brightness to your day and photos.


Bridesmaid Dresses 3Cheap and Chic

The best part about the bridesmaid dresses is that after you have spent a lot of your Wedding Budget on other aspects of the Wedding Day, the bridesmaids dresses don’t have to be bought from boutiques! You can get these dresses on the high street; cheaper and sometimes more chic! After all, it is only for one day, and they get a dress out of it.

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