Beach Weddings

Beach Weddings – Do you dream of exchanging your vows on the backdrop of the beautiful British coastline while hearing the gentle waves crashing against the sand? If you wish to enjoy the idyllic beach wedding, be sure to say ‘I do’ to the following factors.

The Perfect Venue

Britain is blessed with a number of stunning beaches ideal for Beach Weddings. Subsequently, then, finding a dream location to tie the knot should be easy. Naturally, it’s important to check availability and any legal conditions of getting married on the beach. Our experts can offer a lot of help in this area.

The Right Outfits

There’s nothing to stop brides wearing big bellowing dresses on the beach, but it does run the risk of getting wet and dirty. As such, light fabrics and flat shoes will probably provide a far more suitable solution. Tied up hair is a good solution too.

Overhead Shade

Not all guests will be comfortable sitting in the beating sun for extended periods, especially young children and elderly relatives. Providing shade via a canopy or marquee can make a huge difference. Better still, it’ll serve as protection from the rain should the heavens open.


The sounds of the waves and beach surroundings are beautiful. However, you don’t want them to become a distraction. As such, it may be necessary to use portable amplification systems so that your guests can hear it all. The happy couple should familiarise themselves with these features.

Reception Venue

While it is possible to hold the whole day on the beach, most will find that holding the reception at a local venue is the better option. From the meal to the dancing, every element will become more comfortable. This is another feature where we provide support.

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