Asian Weddings

Many Asian weddings have wonderful traditions. From Mehndi decorations to long parties, there are loads of interesting things to them. These extravaganzas of love take ages to plan and everything has to be just right. From the wedding guests to the clothes, they must make sure that every aspect of the wedding day is ideal. If you don’t know all that much about Asian weddings, you have come to the right place. There is a broad diversity of many different styles of Asian wedding. Here is a brief overview of what each marriage entails.

Hindu Weddings

Before the wedding begins, each person decorates their hands and feet with Mehndi. This tradition is common in many wedding parties and signifies that a special event is about to start. When the morning of the wedding comes around, both the groom and bride must cleanse their bodies. People tend to use turmeric and essential oils to ensure that they are as clean as possible.Asian Weddings 1

During the ceremony, the bride gives some yogurt and honey to her husband-to-be. This tradition signifies the sweetness and purity the bride brings to the marriage. Both the bride and groom then wear flowers around their necks. They keep these accessories on them throughout the wedding. The father of the bride (or, sometimes, another male) completes the unique Kanyadan process. This step is the process of giving away his daughter to her husband. At this point, the father of the bride pours out some sacred water. This action shows that he has given his daughter away.

The couple completes the ritual by taking seven steps around the room. As they do so, they make seven sacred promises to one another. Finally, the people put red powder in the bride‚Äôs hair to let everyone know that she is now someone’s wife. Read More…

Muslim Weddings

Muslim weddings have many different stages. First of all, there is the engagement party – the Mangini. During this party, the bride and groom exchange their rings and the families celebrate. Usually, this ceremony will take place at the bride’s family home.

On the morning of the wedding, a procession of friends and family head to the groom’s house. There, they meet him and take him through the streets. Finally, the group reaches the venue. During the ceremony, the men and women have to stay in separate rooms. The religious official reads a section of the Quran. The father of the bride then puts his daughter’s hand in the hand of her husband. He asks her new husband to protect her. Read More…

Punjabi Weddings

Asian Weddings 2Before Punjabi weddings, both the bride and groom have to cleanse themselves. During the three days leading up to the wedding, the family start to read from the Sri Guru Granth Sahib. This part of the process is religious and significant.

Once in the wedding venue, the religious official leads the ceremony. He calls upon the people there to say some prayers, AKA ardas. Once the couple complete their marriage, the room starts to celebrate. Friends and family members shower the couple with flowers and petals.

If you want to learn more about Asian weddings, there are loads of pieces you can look at online.

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