Alice in Wonderland Themed Wedding


Have you ever thought of an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding for your big day? Incorporating many of the Disney film’s ideas into your day, whether subtle or dramatic….. A garden wedding provides the perfect setting for a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party; a long table with centrepieces such as Pink Flamingos or perhaps teacups & saucers stacked up and placed so they almost look like they are ready to fall off and smash! 

If it is not a garden wedding that you are looking to have, then maybe a venue in which you can dramatically decorate is the place for this theme. Smothering your venue with dark & mysterious decorations such as clocks & books hanging from the ceiling and if you’re feeling very adventurous, how about real life bunny rabbits with a ribbon bow around them hopping around?

Alice in Wonderland Themed Wedding 1


And to kick off your Alice in Wonderland Themed Wedding the invitations will be your biggest clue to your theme. There are lots of ideas you can choose from in relation to invitations… How about Playing Card Invitations? Or something to do with the White Rabbit; Save the date, don’t be late?

Alice in Wonderland Themed Wedding 2


For your chosen attire for the day , you could include many of the Alice in Wonderland elements within your outfits. The Bride’s dress could possibly be of a sky blue colour, similar to that of Alice’s, or if you feel as though the blue dress is a little bit too much, then a blue ribbon somewhere on your outfit could be perfect… The Groom & Groomsmen could wear Vintage Style suits with pocket watches similar to those used in the film itself! If you don’t want to include the theme too much in the main aspects of your day then how about your flower girl dressed as Alice?

Alice in Wonderland Themed Wedding 3There are a lot, if not too many, ideas & inspiration that you could use with your Alice in Wonderland themed day… If it is inspiration you are looking for then have a browse on Pinterest & Tumblr or simply contact us!

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