17 Fun and Original Confetti Alternatives for Your Wedding


Throwing confetti at weddings is a centuries-old tradition that started in Italy. The name, confetti, is indeed an Italian word meaning sweets. At the time, either real or imitation sweets made of plaster were thrown over the newlyweds together with rice and flower petals to bestow the couple with prosperity and fertility.

Over time, plaster confetti was replaced with the paper one we all know today. But just because the tradition says we should throw confetti, it doesn’t mean you can’t replace them with something original for your wedding. Get inspired by these 17 alternative ideas.

1. Blowing Bubbles

Soap bubbles are not only fun; they are also eco-friendly and easy to make. All you need is soapy water and bubble wands. Just make sure to keep a fair distance from your enthusiastic guests, as the bubble liquid may stain your delicate dress.  

2. Scattering Glitter

Golden or colourful glitter is readily available in most handcrafts shops and comes as a great alternative to traditional confetti. For something even more original, mix up the glitter with star sparkles. Fill some organza pouches with the mixture and hand them to your guests, so you can have a brilliant moment when you walk out of the church.

3. Rice

If you want to stick to traditions but still replace confetti with something else, go for rice. This starchy cereal has been used since antiquity to shower newlyweds with prosperity and good fortune. It lost some popularity in the last decades due to concerns regarding the safety of birds eating the tossed rice. There is no scientific evidence that this practice can hurt anyone though.

4. Rose Petals

Rose petals are an elegant alternative to confetti that pairs wonderfully with a stylish wedding. Either fresh or dried petals are a lovely choice; if you don’t want to involve any flowers at all, silk rose petals look amazing and can give a unique touch to your event.

5. Lavender

For a rustic wedding, replace rose petals with lavender potpourri. The indigo blue of these flowers and delicate scent are a splendid choice for an elegant bride. Lavender confetti is also a great choice if your centrepieces and decorations feature grain and lavender.

6. Olive Leaves

Christians have always associated olive trees with wisdom, prosperity, and peace. Olive leaves, therefore, are an inspired alternative to confetti either for a Christian wedding or for anyone else who likes this symbolism. Olive leaves could be harder to source, but if you can find them, they’ll surely give a unique touch to your wedding.

7. Snow Machine Confetti

Whether you’re getting married in winter or are a fan of the cold season and its wonders, you can hire a snow machine and get your own original confetti when you walk out of the church. This is a sure way to surprise your guests – and maybe even your spouse – with your creativity.

8. Confetti Cannons

Confetti cannons are a simple alternative to the traditional confetti and bring the best of both worlds. One the one hand, they can satisfy your need for novelty. On the other hand, they won’t attract too many criticisms from your more traditional guests. However you put it, it’s a win-win.

9. Bobbing Balloons

Two words. Balloons and helium. Together, they can give you the perfect confetti alternative if you don’t want to make a mess. The balloons will bob up gracefully as you exit the ceremony venue, leaving you and your guests in awe.

10. Birdseed

Remember the rice and birds concern we mentioned earlier? Well, if you don’t believe that rice is harmless for birds, replace it – and the confetti as a matter of fact – with birdseed. You’ll get your fair share of good luck and prosperity, while the volatiles will be able to make a feast out of your wedding.

12. Pastel Pompoms

If you’re a romantic bride or the arts-n-crafts kind, original wedding confetti made out of pompoms will surely brighten up your day. Pastel shades work best for a shabby chic wedding; think baby blue, mint, sage, and blush pink. For a more daring or sophisticated wedding, pick violet, white, or gold.

13. Paper Airplanes

Newlyweds who aim to travel on all 7 continents can show off their personality with this original idea. Use old maps or even old newspapers to make paper airplanes. They are not only a unique alternative to confetti, but your guests will also have loads of fun.

14. Pressed Daisies

Pressed daisies instead of confetti can help you enhance the spirit of a summer wedding on those moments when the weather it’s not really by your side. They also look amazing when the sun shines bright, and pair wonderfully with a romantic bride.

15. Golden Leaves

Autumn weddings come with other possibilities. Instead of flowers or petals, you can make use of the fallen leaves. Golden leaves are a splendid choice for a countryside wedding, integrating perfectly into the atmosphere and complementing the surrounding foliage.

16. Twirling Ribbons

Twirling ribbons can let your guests wave their happiness for the newlyweds and can also be used for other creative projects once the wedding’s over. A fun and eco-friendly solution suitable for all creative brides.

17. Faux Feathers

A creative idea for a sophisticated wedding, faux feather confetti is a great alternative to the traditional kind. You can stick to white if you want to symbolise pureness or go for any other colour you like. Golden and purple are two classic choices if you’re aiming to have a glam wedding, while blue or pink are ideal for a more thoughtful and rom

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