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People in love have been getting married for hundreds, if not thousands of years. So what can you do to make sure that your wedding is memorable? Unusual wedding venues will challenge your guests preconceptions and assumptions about you, and a different wedding venue can make your celebration just that little more exciting. For some ideas about how to make your unique wedding venue YOUR wedding day, here are my quick fire tips:

Time of Day – or Night!
If you are looking for an unusual wedding venue in London, think about this: did you know that it is now legal to get married in the UK at night? Think about all of the dramatic places that look incredible lit up at night, and think about whether this kind of unique wedding idea is for you.

The Wedding Dress
White, fluffy dress? Probably not for you if you are thinking about alternative wedding venues. Think about whether you can pull off – or want to pull off – a short wedding dress that does not reach down to the floor. Think colour. Think feathers! Think anything that does not mark you out as a model for a typical wedding magazine. Think something that will make people gasp aloud for all the right reasons!

The Wedding Venue
Quirky wedding venues are out there – it is all about knowing where to look. If there is a special place that you share with your partner, do not be afraid to ask someone whether it is possible to get married there. You would be surprised how many unusual places hold wedding licenses! Beaches, caves, cliff tops and dungeons are all available as a unique wedding venue in the UK. It is all about being bold enough to ask.

The Walk Down the Aisle
If you even have an aisle! If you are having an unusual wedding at a venue in Scotland, why not consider processing into your wedding behind a bagpipe player? It will make everyone turn around and listen up, as well as being something completely different! Also consider who, if anyone, you want to walk you down the aisle. Do not be afraid to go alone.

The Wedding Vows
For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer... we all know the traditional vows. We have definitely heard them enough times being said by our friends and family, and there are enough films with them at the end! At your wedding, you may decide to say something a little more personal. Talk it through with the person who will be officiating your ceremony, and have a think about it over a period of time. You want the words that you say to the love of your life to mean everything to you both. Saying your own words in a unique wedding venue will make them that much more meaningful.

The Wedding Reception
There is one sure way to make your unique wedding venue in London that much more different from everyone else's wedding – to decorate your wedding reception to your own amazing theme. Why don't you have a wedding reception decorated as your favourite musical, or perhaps a period in history? Some unique wedding venues in the UK will naturally lend themselves to this – if you want a shocking wedding, why don't you find a historic house where there was a scandal? Don't be afraid to do something that has never been done before, because all of your guests will be amazed at what you come up with.

The Wedding Food
I'm not particularly adventurous when it comes to food, but this is the perfect chance for you to stretch your limits. Why not introduce food colouring into your meal, to make pink pasta, or blue cake? Be prepared for your guests to be slightly reticent at first, but as long as the taste is not altered, they should appreciate your sense of fun. But be warned: those of your guests with food allergies or specific requirements must have options available to them, and you might want to provide some non-coloured food for those of your guests that really can't face it!

The First Dance
There has been a recent trend in choreographing a dance routine that newly married couples then 'perform' for their guests. But why not do something completely unexpected? You could hire a dance teacher to teach all of your guests a new dance routine that you then perform together! You could secretly organise a flash mob without your partner knowing to add that spice to your first dance. If you know any talented musicians, you could ask them to write an entirely new song for you to dance to. Do not be afraid to push the boundaries of what is expected.

So, there you have it. These are my top tips for challenging the wedding norm, and doing things that are slightly off the wall to make sure that your wedding is exactly what you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of unusual wedding venues do you work with?
Most of our venues are what you might call typical wedding venues such as Barns, Manor houses, Castles and Hotels. But we have seen an increase in demand from people wanting an "unusual" type of wedding venue. One of our venues is a functioning farm where you can do horse riding or have a chance to drive a hovercraft. Another one of our venues has facility for helicopters to land, or perhaps you would like to arrive to your wedding by parachute. The sky is the limit...literally.

I would like animals at my wedding; will any of your Unique Wedding Venues allow me to do this?
Yes, the majority of our Unique Wedding Venues will allow you to have animals.

Is it unusual to ask any of the wedding venues on your website if they will allow fireworks for our wedding day?
No! Fireworks are becoming more and more popular by the day as they are a fantastic way to let your big day off with a bang!

We would like our wedding breakfast and reception to take place outside and the ceremony inside, is this an option?
Yes many of our wedding venues have outside space to set up a marquee or whatever it is that takes your fancy. In fact, many of the unusual wedding venues available on our site will already have something set up outside.

Are any of your unusual wedding venues near a coastline so that we can create a different backdrop for our wedding photos?
Yes, we have a few unusual wedding venues that are located near the coastline.

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