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Now then ladies, let's be completely honest with each other there are very few women among us who have not at some point in our childhood's day dreamed in the middle of class about being a princess. It is often one of our clearest and happiest memories, that time we got to dress us and prance about in pink. There is a reason, although we may be slightly ashamed of it, that Disney films are so popular – we want to be that beautiful girl with perfect hair, the tiara to match, and Prince Charming riding towards us on a white horse.

But now you are an adult, and you have found your perfect prince, what now? Don't worry, it is not too late yet. You still have the chance to make your childhood dreams come true by having a castle wedding venue.

We are so lucky – castle wedding venues in the UK are absolutely everywhere, thanks to all of the wars we have suffered through, and the rich nobility that wanted gorgeous houses to live in. It is easy enough to search online for castles in your local area, and you'll often find that there are situated in some of the most scenic and dramatic countryside in the land. They often have extensive gardens where you can have the most amazing wedding photographs taken, and the interior rooms will be spacious enough for all of your guests, and luxuriously set out. But while you are looking for that perfect view across the lawns or over a lake, there are some things that you should probably bear in mind.

The majority of castles are listed buildings. That means that they are protected by a special set of laws that limit what you are able to do there. It is why sometimes castle wedding packages include a set of conditions of use that you may not see in more modern reception venues. Some castles will not allow heels with points smaller than a five pence piece to be worn indoors – yes, that means no stilettos I am afraid! You may also have to go without candles, confetti, or in some extreme cases, children. There will often be only a few caterers that are licensed to offer their services on that location, and your guests will probably have to quieten down and leave by about 11:30pm.

But do not let these little rules upset you, and make you give up on your dream on a castle wedding venue. You are the bride, and in one way or another, you will get your way. In most situations, the actual castle itself more than makes up for the slightly strict rules that you could be given. The rules are only there to protect the castles for generations of visitors and brides to come, and it should not be too difficult to compromise. I am sure that the staff at the castles will be more than happy to show you imitation candles, or help you to chat with vendors, and explain the shoe rule to your friends! Castle wedding venues are often seen as the most traditional of wedding locations, but there are many ways in which you can make this day your very own.

And you will be more than rewarded for this little bit of effort. Perhaps the best possible wedding venue, castles offer not only decades, but centuries of incredible history. Why don't you find out more about the family that lived there? A little bit of research can give you an amazing idea for a theme for your reception. Was there a family emblem such as a flower or an animal that you can incorporate into your favours? Is there a plant in the gardens that is famous because it was created there, or a famous monarch that stayed there once? Make the castle your own for one day, and play the lord and lady of the house. After all, for this one day, the castle really is yours.

There are so many wedding extras that could seem out of place in a modern reception venue that is in a town or city centre, but it is almost expected at a castle wedding. Some brides are extravagant and splash out on a horse and carriage to bring them up the drive. Releasing some delicate white doves at the end of the ceremony can often end the wedding ceremony almost perfect – and there is no perfect place to wear that princess style wedding dress, and dazzle your groom.

Weddings at castle venues can be the most memorable and exciting weddings that your guests will have ever attended, and will always remain in your memory as an unbelievably perfect wedding day. It can also be slightly more complicated to organise, but every single second spent on it, I promise, will be worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What castle wedding venues do you have deals for?
The wedding venues we have deals change frequently, due to their ever increasing demand. If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter you will be notified straight away of any new castle wedding venue deals.

Are castle wedding venues popular?
Yes they are. Lots of people would love to get married in a castle, they are generally a stunning locations steeped in history. With landscaped gardens providing the opportunity to get fantastic wedding photos of your special day.

Can castle wedding venues be expensive?
Based upon our experience castle wedding venues can be expensive, however keep an eye out for any deals we release. You could save thousands.

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