Same Sex Marriages

After years of not being allowed to marry, same sex couples could legally wed when the law changed on 29th March 2014. Same sex marriage became legal at midnight, and some couples decided to get married immediately after the law change. It only makes sense that same sex marriage has become the norm now. Especially since many same sex couples have been together even longer than some married couples! We're in the 21st century, so it's a good thing legislation has got with the times. One of the great things about same sex weddings is that they can be arranged differently to traditional weddings. You have the freedom to get creative and make this day mean something to you!

Reinvent the Wedding
You and your partner should use this day as a chance to reinvent the wedding and surprise people. Many of the traditional wedding ceremonies won't mean anything to you at all. You'll already have your own roles and personalities in the relationship, so use them to create a day that is personal to you. The key is to not worry about what you should do, and instead think about what you want to do.

The Wedding Party
For your wedding party, feel free to get absolutely anybody you love involved no matter their sex. This is your day and it's all about breaking traditions. Have a best woman, a man of honour, grooms-maids. Whatever feels right to you!

Consider Your Outfits Carefully
One of the hardest things about having a same sex marriage is what to wear. You don't want to clash with your partner, but you do want to show off your personality. You may not want them to see what you're wearing before the big day either! If you have a wedding planner or somebody else you can trust to steer you in the right direction, show them what you're thinking of wearing. If you're a bride who doesn't want to wear a dress, you will still need a great tailor to make sure your outfit isn't poorly fitted.

Walking Down the Aisle
Traditionally, the groom will wait at the end of the aisle for the bride. You can do this your way with a same sex wedding. You could walk down the aisle hand in hand, or agree on who will wait and who will walk.

Make it Clear
When booking vendors and things like that, you need to make sure they are supportive of your union as a same sex couple. Some vendors may tell you it is against their religious beliefs and they can't have you as a client. This isn't nice, but at least if you make it clear that you are a same sex couple right away you will know for sure. Then you can stop wasting time on vendors with small minded views!

Look for Inspiration Online
If you're ever stuck for inspiration, you can find so many different ideas online. Make a wedding vision board on Pinterest to keep you on track and see what patterns pop up.

We believe everybody should be free to love who they want to love. Enjoy your wedding and married life!

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