Indian Weddings

India is such a diverse country. There are over one hundred languages spoken, with one and a half billion people living there. In the UK, the Indian population is the second largest ethnic group after white British, and so that means that after the traditional British wedding, there are more Indian weddings than any other ethnic group. Indian weddings are all about friends and family, and there will probably be hundreds of people that, as soon as they hear that you have become engaged, will immediately want to give you their opinion!

Indian Weddings

Within the culture of Indian Weddings there are many complexities in the rites and rituals that people feel so passionate about. There will even be people that would rather you just take their ideas straight away. Just like any other country in the world, Indian weddings can vary hugely, with some customs incredibly important, but in other places those traditions have not even been heard of.

When planning your Indian wedding, you will have to remember just like any other couple that you will not be able to impress everyone, or give everyone exactly what they want. But perhaps more so in Indian weddings, the involvement of the extended family can become overwhelming. Be prepared to have to stand your ground, whilst still honouring and respecting their wishes.

Many Indian wedding venues are aware of this, and try to make sure that they can incorporate more than one person's ideas and hopes for this special day. Perhaps the best way to do this is to start with the basics. What kind of ceremony do you want? Do you want to wear traditional dress throughout the whole, change half way through, or wear something slightly more modern? How will those in your wedding party be dressed? What will the food be like?

You could say that all of these concerns are pretty standard for any person planning a wedding, but when organising an Indian wedding, everything is slightly more complicated. If you decide to go ultra-traditional and try to include absolutely everything, you may end up having the legal hassle of a marriage contract, or fight off pranks such as shoe stealing relatives!

Indian Weddings

While you think about all of the minute details, keep in mind that you need to be on the hunt for the perfect reception venue. If in doubt, when you look for Indian wedding venues, London can often be one of the best places to begin your search. A truly international city, there will be many places that can offer an amazing Indian wedding package that can cover all of your little worries and concerns. Indian weddings can often be large and busy, so whilst you are having the best day of your life, let someone else take the strain! London also offers the variety of suppliers, so that you can bargain and barter your way to a fabulous wedding at half the price you thought it may have to be. And if you need any more reason to choose somewhere like London, think about how your guests will have to travel. With brilliant airports and train services, whether your family and friends will be popping down from the north for the day, or travelling for hours and hours on different planes, you want to make their journey simple. Wouldn't it be great if, by the time they reach London, they have almost arrived?

The expectations of brides (and even sometimes, their grooms and families!) to be at their wits ends by the time their wedding day approaches should not be your fate. Some of the reasons why Indian weddings can be so complicated can also be your strength. Use your family and friends! They want to be involved. As long as you can convince them to only "help" – not interfere – in the job(s) that you give them, you can relax about all of the irritating little jobs that you would have to do. Now they can be taken care of, and give your family and friends the satisfaction of being able to contribute to this celebration of your incredible love.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a tradition, do you have any Indian Wedding Venues that will allow us to carry our ceremony over 3-5 days?
We work with various wedding venues across the UK that cater to all cultures and religions and can accommodate for the term you would like your Indian Wedding over.

For our Indian Wedding, would your wedding venues allow my fiancee to arrive on a white horse?
Yes, almost every single one of our wedding venues on the website will be happy for you to do this.

We have around 950 guests attending our wedding. Do any of your venues for Indian weddings have this capacity?
We work alongside numerous wedding venues and marquee companies that can hold up to 1,000 guests for your Indian wedding.

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