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If you are in the middle of planning an Asian wedding, you have my congratulations! But sit down. Grab a hot drink, and sit down. Breathe. Because you have probably been working very hard for a long time. Asian weddings are often the largest and most complicated events that you will ever organise, and so you should consider yourself a genius if you are managing to keep afloat.

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But while I have you, let's talk Asian wedding reception venues. Troublesome little things, wedding receptions, because they can include hundreds of people. Every one of those people will have different expectations about what you are going to provide them, and how it should all be done. So try to remember that all of the decisions that you and your partner make have a thousand different options, and looking through them all should be fun, not frightening!

First, you'll need to decide where you want to have your wedding reception. Many more people that have relatives abroad are deciding to have their wedding ceremony and reception in London, because of the wonderful transport links. There are some wonderful venues that have specifically made themselves available to the Asian community, and understand the decoration style that is fashionable at the moment.

Places such as Kadwa Patidar Centre offer a particularly religious backdrop in which to celebrate your wedding. They are very happy to discuss with you your hopes and dreams for your special day, and can even provide a religious official to solemnise your nuptials.

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On the other hand, there are more modern places that still maintain key Asian links. Saffron D'Or has a Grand Banqueting Room that can seat hundreds of people, as well as a specific wedding team that can take many of the small details out of your hands. They also boast some of the finest Asian food in London – something definitely worth a taste!

The Pavilion Banqueting Suite is impressive not only because of its beautiful rooms, but also because the hire price includes all decorations. Yes, you read that correctly – all. This is often such a massive portion of a wedding budget, that having all of it organised for you in the very room that it will be in can only be a good thing! The Karim Catering company that is part of the Pavilion can also be hired to attend your wedding at another venue, so if it their food that you fall in love with, you can take it with you.

But if you decide to hire a normal English venue, you will then have the option of turning it into something amazing and unique. If you go to a market, you will be able to pick up some of the most gorgeous prices, and if you buy small offcuts or ends of a roll, you can often get them for very cheap prices. You can then use this to decorate tables or wind around columns, sew into favours or make into jewellery as presents for your wedding party! Never forget that your wedding can always be made more individual and personal to you.

So when you start planning your Asian wedding reception venue, balancing tradition and your own personal tastes, start looking at these venues and ideas as a brilliant starting point. After that, it's up to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

For our Asian Wedding Ceremony we are expecting around 600 guests, can a venue hold this number of guests?
We work with various wedding venues and marquee companies that can accommodate for up to 1,000 guests for your Asian Wedding

Do you have any venues that could provide an alternative to alcohol for our Asian Wedding?
Yes, our wedding venues cater to all cultures and religions. Should you opt to have no alcohol, they will provide an alternative.

As we are holding an Asian Wedding, are we able to decorate the venue to our tastes?
Yes, our various Asian Wedding Venues will allow you to decorate the venue specifically to suit you and will assist in creating the perfect back drop for your wedding photos!

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