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Zach was born in South Africa and raised on a farm where his family still live. This is the place, still to this very day, that inspire him to visualise beauty within simplicity. Whether it's still or motion projects. London has been home to him for many years now.

THE RIGHT PICTURE... is one that creates lasting memories. One that makes people desire. A picture that sells you and your idea.

We are a production company based in London working closely together with photographer, Kris Rajski, specialising in filming and photography. For the past 6 years, we've produced promo films and pictures for numerous individuals, businesses and events not just in the UK but also South Africa, Spain, Italy, Turkey and Poland. We offer bespoke packages for all budgets. Whether it's a full scale production for your event or a last minute photographer for your private party... we'd love to help.

Zach Gerard Photography

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