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Well the venue is booked the photographer is booked, then is the time to decided how you are going to tell your guests What, When, How you are getting married. Now its time to get you Wedding Invites sorted. The invitation has dated back to the medieval times with births and marriages being announced and people invited to celebrate.
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In more recent times, the wedding invitation has gone from the plain white stiff white card to the completely bespoke and themed creation we now see today. So what type of invitation to go for? There are so many on the open market it is hard to decided so let’s put things in perspective.
If you are having people stay over and you need them to book rooms the classic pocketfold is an ideal choice. Simple and elegant you have can have all the information you want to give to guests and it still looks neat and tidy. These come in all colours shapes and sizes. As a stationer I have over ten different styles of these and in over one hundred colours. The do’s and don’ts are a little tricky but I usually recommend the following:
  1. Once your venue is booked then it is time to think of stationery, Please please please do not leave it to the last minute you will feel you will have to settle for anything, and stationers like myself like plenty of time to create beautiful stationery.
  2. If you are getting married in JUNE, JULY, AUGUST and SEPTEMBER send out invites a good nine month before the wedding and always before the Christmas of your wedding alot of people book holidays in the sales.
  3. Ignore what wedding magazines say on what you should spend on Stationery. You get what you pay for just like your wedding dress and venue. The average wedding with a full set of stationery should be in the region of £400 to £500 depending on numbers of course.
A new trend hitting the market is Lazer cut, very fine patterns cut out of the card forming beautiful patterns.  Along with these the colours: Cadbury purple, lilac, teals and chocolates are emerging as popular colours for the next eighteen months.
But more muted vintage colours are also come out like wisteria a dusty mauve colour that seems to be emerging on the catwalks. All these influence the making of bespoke wedding stationery which I do through my company The Mont Blanc Event Stationery Company. Taking someone’s ideas and creating the unique is a joy to do.
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