Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year: Awe-Inspiring Ideas

The first year of marriage has flown by, and you’re now thinking of the best wedding anniversary gifts for your spouse. While there are literally dozens of things you could give them, gifts inspired by tradition could be your best bet. Here is a list of ideas.

First Year – Paper

The first year of marriage is the paper year, a period in which you start to write your story together. A journal, book, or yearly subscription to a magazine are traditional choices. If your spouse has a more thoughtful soul, sign them up to an origami class.

Second Year – Cotton

An original canvas to hang in the living room, pillows with their favourite pet, a scarf or a personalised tee are ideal choices for the cotton year.  

Third Year – Leather

From leather outwear or footwear to leather accessories or home decorations, there are dozens of things perfect to use as the third wedding anniversary gifts.

Fourth Year – Silk

Besides luxurious silk garments – or undergarments – silk decorations are also on the verge. For instance, a bunch of silk flowers can embellish your home for a long time.

Fifth Year – Wood

From all wood items out there, original wall art is perhaps the most popular. For instance, a world map engraved on plywood could look amazing on your wall.

Sixth Year – Candy

Sweet sixth year has flown by, and you two deserve to treat yourself with a box of candies. You also can’t go wrong with chocolates.

Seventh Year – Wool

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the seventh year. In the wool year, you can surprise your better half with a handmade pullover or wool cardigan. A cosy blanket for lazy Friday nights could also work wonders.

Eighth Year – Salt

This must have been a tricky year before the emergence of salt lamps. Now, there is nothing to worry about anymore.

Ninth Year – Copper

Copper vases, clocks, pots, and other home items comply with this year’s theme and can also boost the curb appeal of your home.

Tenth Year – Tin

If you two love tea time, and we couldn’t think of anyone who wouldn’t, tin tea accessories can make a great wedding anniversary gift this year. Think of tea and biscuit containers, or at decorative designer items, such as tin wall sconces.

Eleventh Year – Steel

Just like copper, steel is used in the manufacture of many home items, from decorative sculptures to more trivial things, such as cutlery.

Twelfth Year – Linen

Linen represents truth and purity and is the twelfth year’s theme. Focus on home décor items, from ornaments to tableware such as table cloths and napkins. Bedding made from linen can also satisfy your spouse.

Thirteenth Year – Lace

Intricate and elegant, lace reflects the beauty of marriage. Suitable gifts include lace attire or home items, including lace clothing and lingerie, tableware, lace curtains, and lace bed skirts.

Fourteenth Year – Ivory

The fourteenth year is the ivory year. Although there are many home décor items made from this material, we can’t advise on them due to ethical considerations. Instead, you could bring tribute to ivory sources, the elephants, by buying an elephant figurine or making a donation to an elephant sanctuary.

Fifteenth Year – Crystal

Precious crystal items make a perfect wedding anniversary gift in the fifteenth year. Crystal glasses or home decorations are a staple, but you could also opt for crystal jewellery or watches if your spouse likes them.

Sixteenth Year – Silverware

That’s the simplest it can get. The name of the sixteenth year tells you exactly which is the perfect anniversary gift. From silver cutlery to plates and plateaus, you can really choose from a wide range of home items.

Seventeenth Year – Furniture

If the sixteenth year wasn’t suggestive enough, know that in the seventeenth year you should give your spouse furniture. A home gift that can satisfy both of you is perhaps your best bet.

Eighteenth Year – Porcelain

Did you think things will get simpler? Well, the eighteenth year is again a bit more generic. Nevertheless, there are many porcelain items you can get, from china to home decorations.

Nineteenth Year – Bronze

Boasting a distinguished look, bronze can seamlessly embellish your home in the nineteenth year. Bronze lamps, wall art, designer furniture, but also statuettes and vases can make beautiful wedding anniversary gifts.

Twentieth Year – China

Oh well, this is quite straightforward. It’s either china or a trip to China depending on your preference. Whatever you choose will make a splendid gift regardless.

Twenty-fifth Year – Silver

The twenty-fifth year marks your silver anniversary. You should already have the silverware from your sixteenth anniversary, so now you can focus on silver jewellery or home décor items.

Thirtieth Year – Pearl

Things tend to get more precious as the years pass by, so on your thirtieth anniversary, surprise your better half with pearls. Cultured pearls are cheaper than freshwater ones, and they look equally amazing.

Thirty-fifth Year – Coral

Coral jewellery and home décor objects used to be ideal thirty-fifth wedding anniversary gifts. With all the coral bleaching and global warming though, opting for a more sustainable alternative could be a wiser option, while you will still impress your better half.

Fortieth Year – Ruby

Don’t get frightened by the name. While ruby jewellery is a staple this year, so are ruby flowers including nasturtium and gladioli. A ruby red wine could also be an appreciated alternative.

Forty-fifth Year – Sapphire

Another anniversary equals another gem. Or sapphire blue flowers, if you’re not really into jewellery. Blue iris-themed gifts such as scented candles or perfumes can successfully replace both gems and flowers, giving you a more original option.

Fiftieth Year – Gold

Celebrate your gold wedding anniversary with gold jewellery gifts or gold-coloured alternatives. Sunflowers and other flower based gifts can successfully replace gold.

Fifty-fifth Year – Emerald

In the fifty-fifth year of your wedding anniversary, gifts are centred on emeralds. Either gems or emerald green items could do on this special occasion.

Sixtieth Year – Diamond

The sixtieth year of marriage is considered the diamond year, and on this anniversary everything must focus on the precious stone. Either it’s diamond jewellery or orchid-based gifts, you will undoubtedly find the perfect wedding anniversary gifts for this big day. 

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