Vintage Themed Weddings

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Vintage Themed Weddings seem to be proving an ever more popular option when it comes to planning. With thousands of Vintage touches that can be made to the venue, the bride & groom, the cake and even down to the chair sash’s the possibilities are endless.



For the dress, have you ever considered an all Lace number? Or even Lace AND Frills? The early bridal catwalks of 2014 have seen nothing but Lace, Frills & Feathers and there’s nothing a Flower Garland Headband goes better with than Lace (very bohemian)! And for the Groom, how about a classic cream tux or suit, with a pretty boutonniere to match the Flower Headband? There really is no limitation with the all important outfits when it comes to a Vintage Theme…00af5dfabb40ed8a986b477055faa24497a0192d16c41fd43aa22a382f0afefbAfter spending endless hours on Tumblr & Pinterest, searching through thousands of photos of stunning venue ideas and everything wedding related, you’d think it would get boring but if anything it is the opposite! What I have noticed however is when it comes to choosing the venue, it seems as though Barns & Gardens are the most popular… Garden weddings being perfect for the spring/summer weather; creating the perfect backdrop in photos and a fantastic atmosphere when the sun is beaming away. Barn weddings however are perfect in practically every weather situation; being sheltered if the weather is not so good or leaving the big doors & windows wide open if it’s in the thick of summer…. I have also noticed FAIRY LIGHTS, fairy lights are absolutely stunning when night falls, creating the most amazing lighting! And can be practically placed anywhere; used as a centre piece on all of the tables scrunched inside of a glass vase, wrapped around the big wooden beams of the barn or maybe wrapped around the drapes which are hanging loosely from the ceiling.


I’ve also noticed when it comes to actually decorating your Vintage Venue, chair sash’s are no longer colourful and satin; ruffles, lace and hessian (think potato sacks etc..!)  are more widely used. If it is a Vintage Theme you’re going for then throw your colour scheme idea out of the window! Vintage comes in all colours, especially pastels…. Also choosing this theme most of the time can save you hundreds on the overall day, most vintage items can be made at home using the simplest of materials, making your day very shabby chic which is bang on trend!


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