The Best Man Speech

The Stag Party is over and now it is time to write the Best man Speech. You knew this was coming and now you have to put pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard). As the best man you have had to organise the stag party and made sure the groom got home in one piece (or not). But always knowing that very soon you will have to deliver the Witty Speech at the wedding reception leaves you feeling nervous. For that reason  I have assembled a few basic rules that will hopefully make this task seem less daunting

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It is better for the Speech to be short, sweet, and to  the point. The ideal speech shouldn’t last more than a 3 – 5 minutes long.

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Play to  your strengths. If you are not funny, don’t try to be. The most important quality to a good wedding Speech is sincerity. Whether you get there by a joke or by a quote, it is up to you.

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Everyone from the bride’s Mum to the groom’s great-grandfather is listening. Your  wedding speech should be suitable for all ages. This is not the time to  refer to the groom’s ex-girlfriends, or what happened on the last trip to Vegas.

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Slideshow of pictures to Music always gets everyone Emotional

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Write  and practice your Speech. Don’t try to “wing it.” Even get friends who are not invited listen to you read through your speech. Improvising belongs in a comedy club, not a  wedding. When the day comes you will be pleased that you have rehearsed it. And Save the Drinking to after the Speech. Nothing is Worse than a Best man Who is Slurring his words

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