Should a Bride take her husbands name?

It is traddition for the bride to marry into her husbands name, but recently the 21st century girl want to keep her name as keeping her ‘identity’. But it keeping your surname really keeping your identity? Surely your true identity comes from within; your personality.

Understandably the 21st century bride-to-be may have one or more building societies she is part of, maybe she has an ISA or savings account, along with her new phone contract and credit cards or any loans she’s had to take out to fund her life, not forgetting her passport for her travels and any insurance that comes with it or any other part of this hectic lifestyle. Basically, she has a lot of things to change her name with which is very time-consuming with the odd faults here and there just to make it that little bit more of an effort. Then again, surely the effort of changing your name with all these companies will be worth it for taking the name of your one true love.

However is it agueable that despite feeling you have married your soulmate, how many people have been divorced? This I can understand being a reason for the 21st Century bride-to-be to not change her name at all. You go through all that name changing of the copious amount of documents, just to leave the man a year or few later? Do you really want to change your name back again, or how long can you be lazy for and keep his name despite not keeping him?!

Why not keep to tradition though? If you have entered married life, or are soon enteringing married life and children are on the thoughts, then it may be easier to have the whole of the family to share the same surname for unity.

Compromise? It has become fairly common to double-barrell surname. The bride takes the husbands name to become part of his family, but with marriage, the husband is also joining and becoming a part of the brides family. This also settles any doubt of the bride to lose her surname alltogether.

Help! My husband-to-be has an embarrasing surname…

~ Your love for your partner may have you overcome this issue. When people ask who you are married to you are most likely to let slip his surname anyway. Also it can’t have been too much of an issue if you have known him as MR. *insert embarresing surname here* before your wedding day anyway!

~ Get him to agree to take your surname! He may prefer to anyway you never know. Don’t be surprised if you have to take over having his name changed on all his documents with a variety of companies (this is dependable on his organisational skills).

~Double-barrell! Best of both worlds. Can be of annoyance for those whose first name is also double barrelled (eg. Thelma-Louise Dunston-Smith), the surnames are both fairly long/hard to pronouce (eg. Mr&Mrs Jackobislovoski-Llelwellyn) , or if it just doesnt sound right on the tongue (eg. Mr&Mrs Smith-Wilksinson)  -again this is dependable on the person!

So, what are your thoughts? Would you keep or change your surname for the sake of marriage?

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