Popular Wedding Dress Designs for 2015

If you are on the look out for your perfect dress, look no further. Many people struggle when it comes to finding the ideal gown for their big day. Of course, when you take your first few steps down that aisle, you want to look perfect. Everyone’s jaw should drop to the floor when you start to walk towards them. So, how can you make your dream a reality?

Spring 2015 has brought with it a variety of new wedding gown styles. When it comes to bridal beauty, there are many things you can do to make sure that you look fab. This year, there have been loads of colourful pieces on the catwalks. Let’s take a look at some of this year’s hottest trends and how you can make them work for you.dress1

Off the shoulder dresses

Many of the modern dresses happen to be colourful and off the shoulder. Off the shoulder dresses are a massive hit this year. If you want your dress to look chic and contemporary, this idea might just be for you. This boho trend is sure to stick around for some time, and so you might want to check it out. Lace tends to work well with this style of dress. When it comes to necklines, this design can be flattering. Grecian style dresses are also stylish at the moment so that you can combine these trends.

Silver wedding dresses

Who says you have to have a white dress? Silver wedding dress designs have been everywhere this year. Whether you want a space-age metallic design or something a little elegant, there is a dress for you. With hints of blue and event purple, these gowns are ideal if you want an alternative to a traditional dress. Many high street stores are now stocking these styles, and so it’s worth keeping an eye out for them.

dress2Nude colours

It might seem a little weird that nude colours are appearing in bridal shops, but somehow it works. If you want to create a dramatic look, you ought to check out these designs. From beige to pink, there is something for every person. Hint – if you plan to get one of these dresses, consider your skin tone. Pale women tend to struggle when it comes to making nude colours work. If you have fair skin, get a dark coloured dress so that it does not wash you out.

Mint ball gownsdress3

Why not take a little inspiration from the Amsale range? This year, they have released an awe-inspiring mint ball gown. As part of their 2015 collection, these guys have created a full-bodied dress. The gown also has a big beautiful bow. While the majority of the dress is white, there are strong undertones of blue and even green. This washed-out colour effect looks fantastic. You can take inspiration from it and experiment with style a little.

If you’re planning a wedding in 2015, why not make it extra special. Getting a coloured dress might be just the thing for you. Do you dare to get colourful?

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