When Planning your Wedding…

Your Engaged, happy beyond belief and you can’t stop staring at how amazing the ring looks on your finger…

But when it finally fully sinks in that you are now a Bride-To-Be, all of a sudden you have to get planning one of the biggest days of your life! All these thought of what to get done, or any fears as to what you might forget- where do you beguin?! Get your pad, grab the nearest biro (or coloured pens if you’re the creative type), and get your organising cap on.

Hopefully this list will help guide you through the process of planning your wedding:


–  You and your partner need to get an idea of what date and year you would like to marry.
–  When booking a venue that you may not get that exact date; in this case search through several venues or organise a different date. Keep in mind what you would rather: a specific date or a dream venue.


–  Where do you and your partner wish to marry?
–  It is usually better to book your venue early and in advance to avoid dissapointment of having the venue free on the date you want to marry.
–  If budget is an issue or you would like to save quite a bit of money on this part of your wedding, visit www.ukweddingsavings.co.uk to see how much you can save on a venue in your area.
–  Once this is booked, you have a set venue and a set date and set timings to make it easier to continue on with the rest of your planning.


–  Date and Venue all set and booked, now its time to let your guests know the plan.
–  Discuss with your partner who you want to invite and make a list of these names so you don’t forget to miss out anyone
–  You can pay to have invites made/decorated for you, or you save money and make them yourself with a friend.
–  Wedding forums are a good idea to get some inspiration, look for prices on having someone else make your invites, and even to share advice yourself.
–  Whilst you and your partner have the guest list, you might as well organise who will sit where; this may change over a period of time depending on how you and your partner wants things to be.


–  Usually a Wedding Venue will offer a package that includes dinner and drinks, however if yours doesn’t or you are featuring food at the reception, this also is best booked early once you have your venue and date set.
–  If you are featuring entertainment that does not come part&parcel with the venue package then have a look on the internet or wedding fairs of what you would like to hire out. A DJ is very common for guests to enjoy, or something out of the ordinary can be entertaining such as an ice-cream van.
–  There are plenty of Wedding Photographers about, and if on a budget it is also good to know that there are also plenty of up-and-coming photographers who are looking to build on their portfolios. Wedding Forums are also good for this to get ideas and reviews.


–  Now you’ve had the stress of organising what basics go into the wedding day, its time to focus on yourself.
–  Trying on wedding dresses will relieve any stress as it should remind you of why you are doing this (providing you are happy in the dress)
–  Be warned that it is very common for brides-to-be not to find their ideal wedding dress immediately.
–  Once youve got your dress, or an idea of your dress, it is then best to get an idea of a colour theme; as while your browsing for your own dress, you’ve got your bridesmaids dresses to look out for too!


–  Make sure this suits the theme that you and your partner have in mind.
–  Have all bridesmaids present when trying on outfits; or atleast warn who doesn’t turn up for outfit fittings to not be dissapointed if they feel the dress doesn’t look good on them.
–  Prepare yourself for any bickering between you and your bridesmaids. They probably have different heights/weights/builds and like every girl they wants to feel like she looks good. Do  Not take any of this bickering to heart, after a nights sleep any of the bickering should have been regretted or forgotten about.


–  Think about how you want to arrive to your ceremony and how you want you and your partner want to leave it.
–  Like the majority of the above, it is always best to discuss this with your partner to make sure he feels involved and has a say.
–  If money is on the low for this part of the wedding day or in general, don’t be shy of using a family members or friends car. Not everyone needs a chauffer or fancy car.
–  If you have a sepcific transport in mind then these can be found on the internet, gumtree, or even at wedding fairs.


This is just a little list of what is usually included on a wedding day, whether its purchased, hired or home-made:
–  Chair covers
–  Favours
–  Table Decorations
–  Balloons
–  Book for guests to leave lovely messages in
–  Table for gifts and cards
–  Room Decorations
–  Table Name Setters

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