Would you hire your Wedding Attire?

One of the greatest expenses when it comes to weddings has to be the attire. The groom’s suit and the bride’s dress can cost a small fortune. When you have a million other expenses to worry about, you might want to cut costs somewhere. If you are in the midst of wedding planning, you might wonder whether to hire clothes or buy new ones. There are advantages and disadvantages to both these options. Before you make a decision, read our quick break-down of them here.

attire2Dresses can be heirlooms

When you buy a dress, it is more than just an item of clothing – it is symbolic of your wedding day. In many families, the wedding gown serves as a heirloom. Women tend to pass the dress down to their daughters and even granddaughters. If you want to save something special for your children, you might like this idea. Of course, if you want the item to be an heirloom, you will have to buy it so that you can keep it forever.

You get a lot of choices when you hire

When you decide to hire wedding clothes, you have an array of choice. If you go to a wedding shop, you will have access to all the items they have at that time. Since there are always clothing pieces coming in and out, the range should be rather large. You will find that there are many suits and dresses available whenever you need them. In fact, everything will be available unless someone wants it at the same time as you do.

attire1You can reuse suits (sometimes)

When it comes to the groom’s suit, you have to think about whether he will reuse it or not. If he plans to wear a simple suit, it can have many uses. He may wear it to a fancy dinner or even another wedding. If, on the other side of things, he decided to opt for an elegant affair, there will be few occasions when he can wear the suit. Since the clothes will cost so much, you want to make sure that you can get more than just one wear out of them.

Hiring attire is an affordable option

The truth of it is that buying wedding dresses and suits is expensive. If you are low on funds, you might find that hiring clothes is a cost-efficient option for you. People can spend a lot of money on wedding dresses in particular, which might seem wasteful since they only wear them once. When you hire attire instead, you will see that it is a fraction of the price of buying it.

You can get tailored clothing

If you want to wear something special for your wedding, you might wish to get a custom-made piece. Of course, when you hire things, this option is not open to you. When you decide to buy, though, you have total control over how your clothing looks. Many people find this advantage to be the most appealing of them all.

In the end, whether you hire or buy your wedding attire comes down to your personal situation. You have a few things to consider before making your choice, but you should always do what is the best for you.

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