Female Proposals on a Leap Year

Ladies, if your man is yet to propose, why not take the reins and pop the question? After all, it is leap year – the one time when tradition dictates that women can propose. According to Irish folklore, St Brigid struck a deal with St Patrick that allowed for a role reversal of proposals on Leap Day – February 29th.

leapyear1While today, many women opt to propose throughout the year, this hasn’t always been the case. In times gone by, when society was stricter about gender norms, a woman asserting herself and proposing was frowned upon. Except on a Leap Year, of course.

Leap year proposals became popular because February 29th wasn’t seen as being an actual date, and so, it was worked out that it didn’t count. Meaning that no rules applied and just about anything could happen, including, women proposing to men. Traditionally, if a man refused a woman’s proposal on Leap Day, he had to buy her 12 pairs of gloves to cover her embarrassment of not having a ring. (At least if he said no, your hands would be warm.)

Of course, the question is, what makes Leap Day proposals so popular today? Gender norms are no longer an issue – no one cares who pops the question to who, just as long as the couple are happy.

The tradition behind it

Many women who opt to propose to their man on Leap Day, do so because of the romantic tradition behind it. The idea of showing their partner how much they care about them, instead of having to wait until he makes the first move is something that many women love. Plus, many people believe that getting engaged on Leap Day is good luck.

Leap Day is a beautiful tradition and one that has gained popularity over the past few years. There was even an award winning film made about the tradition back in 2010, called Leap Year. Starring Matthew Goode and Amy Adams, this movie focused on women proposing on Leap Day. (If you’re thinking of proposing to him, this could be one to watch.)

To do things differently

Another reason that leap year proposals are so popular is because many couples like the idea of being unique. When we think of proposals, our first thought is the guy down on one knee with a ring in his hand. However, for couples who like to do things differently, a leap year proposal is perfect.

Yes, you could propose to him at any time of year, but there’s something special about Leap Day. Lots of women opt to ask their man to marry them during the year, but Leap Day is a time that holds a special place in history. And being able to be a part of that history and tradition is something that many people are drawn to.

For love

leapyear2Of course, one of the main reasons that leap year proposals have gained popularity over the past few years is because of love. Today, many men are waiting longer to propose and instead are choosing to focus on their careers and finances. However, some men do end up leaving it a little late when it comes to proposing, which is where Leap Day comes in handy.

If you’re crazy in love with your partner, and can’t wait to marry him, why not surprise him and pop the question on Leap Day? If he turns you down, at least you’ll get a nice pair of gloves to keep your hands warm.

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