Choosing your Wedding Dress

Congratulations on your engagement. Now you can start thinking about your wedding dress, if you haven’t already.

Your wedding dress is the most important dress you’ll ever buy and it’s important to find the dress to make you feel beautiful. If you try a dress on and you feel beautiful, then buy it! Because if you feel beautiful in it you will shine on the day.

With so many styles to Choose from, Full Length Ballerina to a mini bridal dress it can get very daunting. We have chosen a section of Styles see below:

weddingdress1Wedding Dress Lengths – Ballerina

Ballerina-length skirts fall just above the ankle and are wide and full. Very fun and flirty.





Wedding Dress Lengths – Floor Lengthweddingdress2

Floor-length skirts don’t fall all the way to the floor, but 1cm to 3cm above it. A traditional formal look that works well on both straight and full styles.



divider weddingdress3

Wedding Dress Lengths – Asymmetrical

An asymmetrical dress features one side longer than the other. This is a dramatic look.




Wedding Dress Lengths – Knee Lengthweddingdress5

This style of skirt finishes just below the knee. A very flattering length.





weddingdress4Wedding Dress Lengths – Mini

For the most daring bride only! This perfect for the bride who is looking to be a little bit sassy and dareing on her special day. This skirt ends high about the knee.




Wedding Dress Lengths – Tea Length weddingdress6

Falls mid-calf and can be either full and voluminous or fitted.





weddingdress7Wedding Dress Length – High/Low Hem

Hemline is short in front and generally extended into a train in back. This is also a very popular choice for bridesmaids, but is also becoming a very viable choice for brides all over the world thanks to its unique style.


As you can see there are more than options available for any bride to be when it comes to the length of their wedding dress. No matter what you choose, you will be a beautiful bride.


Our Style of the Month is Bohemian Bride

weddingdress8One of the key looks for a Bohemian bride is the hair, it should scream effortless and carefree. Pretty mussed up waves, loose plaits, Forehead bands, flowers or whimsically headpieces worn to the front of the head are both Pretty and gives a romantic look.

There’s really nothing more romantic and beautiful than a bohemian bride, The wow Factor comes from the Romance and the carefree attitude. The dress can be long, lace, flowy, billowy sleeves and a carefree and simple way about it way about it. Nature can play a big part in Bohemian Weddings.

 weddingdress9          weddingdress10          weddingdress11

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