Choosing your Wedding Cake

When it comes to the Wedding Breakfast, admittedly the cake can be the feature of the room to artistic folks, the curiosity to the cake lovers, and the first cut of married life to the couple.

However when it comes to your own Wedding Cake, a lot of thought and creativity has to go into it to not only make it a Wedding Cake, but a Wedding Cake that reflects the couple or the theme of the wedding. So, Wedding Cake Ideas anyone?

weddingcake1Wedding Cake Design

It’s easy to slip into the stress of going from not having an idea for your wedding cake, to not finding the one you want. Well first things first, start with the basics of your Wedding Cake the design!

  • How many tiers do you want, if you want it tiered?
  • A round cake or a square one, or maybe a mixture of shapes?
  • A cake stand or one big cake?

If you get these ideas flowing, then the rest will start taking shape.


weddingcake2Wedding Cake Taste

Traditionally for a Wedding Cake, fruitcake is used, however this doesn’t mean this is the type of cake you have to have. Chocolate Wedding Cakes are becoming more and more popular where the taste has become just as important as the execution of the design of the cake. If you have more than one cake, and you and your partner have different tastes, then why not have one of each.

The taste of your cake could also reflect your theme; for example if you were having a tea party theme to your wedding you may consider a Victoria Sponge Wedding Cake for the taste.


weddingcake3Wedding Cupcakes

If cakes aren’t really your thing, or you would prefer something a little less messy yet a little more dainty, why not have Wedding Cupcakes?

These can include more design and colour as each one could be iced and decorated differently as well as being renowned for being quirky.


weddingcake5Wedding Cake Decorations

Now that you have an idea of the shape you would like, the size and the taste for your ideal Wedding Cake, why not add that personal touch to make it just that more special to your day. This is where you can conjure your theme or style of your Wedding Day into your Wedding Cake to keep up with appearances.

Whether the Wedding Cake Decorations are edible shapes or real flowers, the extra touch is bound to impress as well. Let your Wedding Cake not only feed the guests, but also feed their eyes.


weddingcake4The Not-So-Traditional Wedding Cake

Your Wedding Cake must suit you and your partner, so if that means a not-so-traditional Wedding Cake, then let that be exactly it! There are many examples out there where the wedding cake itself may execute some humour or intimacy.

Other ideas for a wedding cake maybe to have a photograph as the icing for the top, or a cake illustrating something that is specific to the newly wedded couple.


Voile, Your Wedding Cake!

After taking the little steps when it comes to the desired outcome for your Wedding Cake Ideas, you should have yourself your Wedding Cake!

Whether you have gone down the simplistically chic route, or have taken a walk down the wild side and have gone for something rather outlandish, your wedding cake is bound to be a talking point throughout the event.

Looking for some fresh idea for your wedding, check out our wedding ideas article.

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