A Spooky Halloween Wedding

Would you like your wedding to be a tad spooky? There is a trend right now that’s making everyone’s spines tingle. Since Halloween is just around the corner, many people are opting to create a scary atmosphere for their event. If you want to make your wedding day as memorable as possible, you need to ensure that the theme is incredible. There is no wonder that the Halloween theme is popular these days. There are many angles you can take when it comes to this idea. Let’s take a look at a few different ideas that might just work for you.

Gothic Wedding Dresses

First of all, let’s talk about the dress that you choose. You need to ensure that the wedding gown is both elegant and a little spooky. The gothic style is perfect for this idea. You can get a white, lacy dress that will flatter you as well as looking like it’s from the set of a horror movie. Of course, you can go to a fancy dress shop to get one of these pieces. If you want a bespoke dress, though, you might wish to consult a dressmaker or seamstress.

Spooky Invitations

When you send out your invitations, you need to make sure that they suit the theme of your wedding. That means that they have to be as spooky as possible. There are places you can design your invitations online. That means that you don’t have to worry about paying a graphic designer a small fortune for the pleasure of it. You could create designs that are scary, such as spider-web invites or even pumpkin ones. When people open their invitations, they will know just what you expect from the event. Be sure to tell people about the dress code. The fun part of this event is the fact that everyone will dress up and look the part.

halloween2Scary Decorations

Once you have chosen your venue, you need to figure out how to dress it up so that it looks scary. So, where should you begin? First of all, you need to get black tablecloths and chair covers. You can use some Halloween decorations to make sure that the entire venue looks scary. You might want to use a pumpkin lantern for the centrepiece of each of the tables. You could also have some bizarre ghosts hanging from the ceilings. These little changes could make all the difference. Take some inspiration from Halloween pictures online and see what you can do.

Halloween Style Foodhalloween3

What food will you serve at your event? When you first contact the catering company, you need to explain the theme of your wedding to them. Once they know what the theme is, they can help you create a fantastic Halloween menu. You could have ‘blood’ cocktails and a buffet of scary finger food. There are lots of recipes online that should help you along the way.

Are you ready to host a Halloween wedding event? We hope our ideas help you plan a terrifyingly good day!

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