Top 10 Wedding Movies

movies1Weddings are a topic that’s ripe for movie fodder, for a number of reasons. One is that people love romance, and there’s not much more romantic than a wedding. However, another reason is that weddings have a high potential for drama. When you’re about to get married, you’re more likely to lean towards the romantic movies. Those where everything goes wrong can be frightening – even if they are funny. But the disaster comedies can actually be great to calm your nerves. Even if things don’t go perfectly to plan, at least they can’t go that badly!

Check out our list of top ten wedding movies to watch to get you ready for your big day:

My Big Fat Greek Wedding
This wedding movie classic has to be at the top of anyone’s list if you like both romance and comedy. There’s always humour to be found in culture clashes, especially at weddings!

The Wedding Planner
Wedding movies would be no fun without a little drama. So Jennifer Lopez’s wedding planner falling in love with her client Matthew McConaughey is the perfect plot. Perhaps best avoided if you’ve hired a wedding planner…

27 Dresses
“Always the bridesmaid, never the bride” is an oft-repeated phrase. But since you’re about to be the bride, there’s no harm in watching Katherine Heigl be the perpetual bridesmaid.

Struggling bridesmaids are often present in wedding movies. But Bridesmaids is more about female friendships than marriage. It will make you appreciate your own bridesmaids.

The Wedding Singer
Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore have paired up as co-stars a couple of times. But this 80s-inspired movie is one of their best known. Maybe you’ll have staff falling in love at your wedding.

My Best Friend’s Wedding
Another “woman is in love with someone else’s groom” movie, this Julia Roberts flick is a classic. But it’s perhaps best avoided if you’re feeling insecure or jealous of anyone.

Wedding Crashers
While wedding-themed, this comedy with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn isn’t about brides. It isn’t going to make you worry about anyone stealing your intended, either. It might make you worried about wedding crashers, though.

Four Weddings and a Funeral
This classic film might have a heartbreaking funeral in it, but it also has a bumper pack of weddings. Funny and touching, it isn’t one that you should miss. Plus, it’s got Hugh Grant.

Muriel’s Wedding
This 1994 film starring Toni Colette is about to become a musical on stage in Australia. If you fancy yourself an off-beat bride, you might connect with awkward Muriel. All those perfect brides in some other wedding movies can be off-putting.

The Princess Bride
The Princess Bride is a modern (or postmodern) fairy tale that combines fantasy, action, and comedy. Whether just having a wedding in it makes it a wedding movie is debatable, but it also has a princess, a hero, mythical creatures, and more.

There are lots of great wedding movies to watch in the run up to your wedding. Just be careful about which ones you choose if you’re feeling a little sensitive!

Halloween Themed Weddings

If you and your other half consider yourselves to be more Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas than Prince William and Princess Catherine, a Halloween inspired wedding could be your dream come true. Here are a few things you could incorporate, and some ideas to inspire you:

Choose the Perfect Halloween Colour Scheme

You have lots of choice when it comes to Halloween colour schemes. You could incorporate lots of rich colours, such as plum and blood red. Make sure you have lots of spooky black too! Rich colours will not only suit the Halloween theme, they’ll also make your wedding look more glamorous.

Mysterious Materials and Accessories

The materials you use in your wedding are going to make people understand the theme more too. Things like rich velvet materials and black candles are going to make the world of difference when it comes to creating your theme. You can even use old looking silver goblets for people to drink from. You can have lots of fun with the smaller details, such as the ring boxes. Why not go for a coffin shaped box?

Get Creative with your Look

Although you probably don’t want to do fancy dress for your wedding, you can still get creative with your look. Why not have a dress in an untraditional colour? You could have a black, purple, or red dress. If you don’t want to stray too far from white, you could go for grey. You can even add pretty antique details in the form of brooches and hair pins. If you’d still like a white dress, you can use different accessories to communicate the Halloween theme. If you’re wearing makeup, go slightly more dramatic for the Halloween theme. Consider wearing a slightly darker lipstick, or play up your eyes a little more. Your bouquet could be a statement bouquet, filled with red and orange flowers. You could even add fine details, such as small plastic skulls in between the stems!

Centrepieces and Chandeliers

halloween1Chandeliers are going to help you communicate your theme perfectly, so consider hanging them where you can. Then you have your centrepieces to think about. Red and black flowers, as well as things like feathers, will help you to create the perfect look for your tables. If you want to use pumpkin in your centrepieces, you could paint them white or black for a sleek look. Then you just need to add your flowers!

Opt for Classical Halloween Music

Instead of playing the Monster Mash, why not have an organist play something classical? This will keep your ceremony classy while providing the haunting music you need for your theme.

Create your own Signature Cocktail

How much fun does creating your own signature cocktail sound? You can make it a spooky colour like acid green, and rim the glass with black sugar or use black glasses. Get creative and make sure the presentation is amazing too!

halloween2Use Pumpkin in your Menu

You might like to have scary looking food for your wedding day, but you don’t need to go that far. You can still have Halloween style food and elegance at the same time. Why not infuse some dishes with pumpkin and pumpkin seeds?

A Halloween wedding could be so much fun, and is perfect for a unique couple!

Making a Memorable Wedding Day

Your wedding day is something you will treasure the memories of forever. It’s is after all the day you married the love of your life. But it’s just as important for you to make it a memorable event for your guests too. You want the memories of your wedding to stand out and feel unique when compared to others. This can be quite challenging now that couples are going above and beyond to make a statement on their big day. To give you some fantastic ideas and inspiration, look at the following ways to make your wedding a day to remember.

Provide Outdoor Fun

memorable1If you are planning an outdoor wedding, try to include plenty of outdoor entertainment for your guests to enjoy. This will help them pass the time in between the ceremony and reception while also boosting the fun factor. You could hire out a funfair, create lawn games or add an outdoor dance floor. Tee-pee tents, food trucks and outdoor cinema screens could also be fun additions you might consider adding. Having these included will encourage your guests to interact with each other and get more involved with the celebrations. Not only will they be great for the adults to use, but will also keep any children you have invited entertained too. Whatever activities you decide to use, they are bound to help your guests enjoy your wedding to it’s fullest.

Let your guests be photographers

memorable2Guest interaction is something that all the most memorable weddings do successfully. The easiest way of doing this at your own wedding is by giving your guests cameras. These can be placed on tables or given to them as they enter your reception venue. Encourage them to have fun and take plenty of photographs. If you use Polaroid cameras, these could provide beautiful keepsakes that your guests can take home with them. You could add a pinboard to your venue where your guests can pin up their photos too. A photo booth with a backdrop and props are also an excellent way to create amazing wedding photos. These fun and natural shots will make great additions to your wedding album next to your professional photographs.

Have an unusual guest book

Guest books are a great way of looking back on all of your memories from your special day. But they don’t necessarily have to be books. To help you wedding day be more memorable, you should think outside the box with your guestbook. You could get your guests to sign a globe or vintage postcards. Having a framed illustration created of you and your partner and getting your guest to sign the glass is another wonderful idea. Asking your guests to draw pictures instead of writing messages could also be a fun alternative. Your guests will find it hard to forget signing such a unique item and you can display it proudly in your home.

The more effective way of making your big day a memorable event is by making it fun and personal. Incorporate yours style, personality, and interests into every aspect of your wedding. That way you’re bound to create a day that is enjoyed by all.

What Wedding Vows to Choose

Wedding vows are something that you will say to your partner before you say I do. They are designed to show your love for your partner, why you are choosing to marry them and what you promise to bring to the relationship. Wedding vows have been around for decades and most recently people have become more inclined to write their own. As such, there are numerous possibilities to choose from when selecting the wedding vows you will say on the big day.

Traditional Vows

vows1Your first choice is the traditional vows. These will be provided if you get married in a church and you probably know them or the basic gist. In sickness and health, till death do us part etc…You can say these vows along with vows you have written. Or, you can leave your vows as this declaration that has been spoken before you by millions.

You must be aware that certain venues will not permit you to speak religious vows during the ceremony. Nor will they allow you to present religious readings as part of your vows. This is something to consider if you do not get married in a church.

A Vow Of Qualities

You can create your vows as a qualities pledge. This vow is a list of everything you love about someone and why you want to marry them. It might include things such as “you have the warmest heart” or “the most beautiful eyes.” This vow can be quite awkward, mainly because you will be listing why you want to be with a person. They may suddenly realize that this is how you see them. For instance, if you list only physical qualities your partner might believe you to be quite superficial. On the other hand, if you only list personality traits they may think you have no interest in them physically. Thus, you should aim for a happy medium between the two.

vows2A Vow To Them

Alternatively, you may want to consider writing a vow as a promise. A declaration of what you will give your partner through marriage. You can promise to love and cherish them forever or always to stand beside them. You may want to mention examples of how you have supported them in the past and how you will continue to do so. This may provide the chance for you to show how you see the future of the relationship. What you role you expect to play and what role you expect them to play.

A Vow Of Memories

You could write a vow that is based on memories you have together and that you hold. These memories could reflect why you know they are the one and what makes them so special. Or, what makes the two of you work as a partnership. If you’re aiming to make your partner cry, this is a great way to do it. Take them on a trip down memory lane, looking at the past as you prepare for the future.

These are some of your choices when deciding your vows. Remember, if you write them from the heart, they will sound like poetry, no matter what words you choose.

Prenuptial Agreement

A prenuptial agreement is something that all couples should consider before they get married. This agreement outlines the terms that you and your partner must follow should you divorce or separate in the future. This provides you both with financial protection and security. Unfortunately, many couples overlook them in fear of being unromantic and rude. Some also don’t fully understand what they involve. But this can be a costly mistake to make that could leave you with very little should the worst happen. So if want to learn more about creating a prenuptial agreement, use the information in this guide to help you.

What should they include?

prenup1Prenuptial agreements should primarily include terms that relate to financial matters only. This can include debt, joint accounts, property distribution and university fees. Having an agreement in place ensure that these financial concerns are dealt with in a way that you are both comfortable with. Without a prenuptial agreement, the court will make the decision of how these issues are resolved. This could result in you paying more than you wanted to or could mean you a viable for your partner’s debt. Prenups should never include personal matters like child support, relationship terms, and family disputes. A judge will discredit any prenups that have non-financial based terms included.

When should you make one?

A prenuptial agreement is something that you and your partner will need to discuss at length until you reach a decision. So you should ideally give yourself a few months before getting one drawn up. Your marriage will need to take place at least 21 days after you create and sign your prenup. This might seem like a long time, but it gives you time to reconsider before making your commitment to each other. A judge might invalidate your agreement if you sign your prenup and get married in less time. This again could give them control over how your assets are divided. So it’s vital that you plan accordingly and give yourself the right amount of time to get your agreement drawn up and signed.

prenup2Should we get legal advice?

It will be beneficial for you both to get independent legal advice before agreeing to the terms laid out in your prenup. This should be done by two separate lawyers, who are both experienced in prenuptial agreements. Their experience and knowledge will be valuable and help you create a more thorough and concise agreement. They will be able to spot weaknesses in your agreement that you can resolve before you sign. Having legal advice will also ensure everything you include is legal and correct. Start looking for experienced and reputable lawyers to help get the process started.

Now you know more about what prenuptial agreements entail, you will hopefully feel more comfortable about making one. While some might consider them to be a bad omen, it’s wise to plan ahead just incase. Creating your agreement when there is no animosity will ensure you both get the outcome you want should your marriage come to an end.