17 Fun and Original Confetti Alternatives for Your Wedding


Throwing confetti at weddings is a centuries-old tradition that started in Italy. The name, confetti, is indeed an Italian word meaning sweets. At the time, either real or imitation sweets made of plaster were thrown over the newlyweds together with rice and flower petals to bestow the couple with prosperity and fertility.

Over time, plaster confetti was replaced with the paper one we all know today. But just because the tradition says we should throw confetti, it doesn’t mean you can’t replace them with something original for your wedding. Get inspired by these 17 alternative ideas.

1. Blowing Bubbles

Soap bubbles are not only fun; they are also eco-friendly and easy to make. All you need is soapy water and bubble wands. Just make sure to keep a fair distance from your enthusiastic guests, as the bubble liquid may stain your delicate dress.  

2. Scattering Glitter

Golden or colourful glitter is readily available in most handcrafts shops and comes as a great alternative to traditional confetti. For something even more original, mix up the glitter with star sparkles. Fill some organza pouches with the mixture and hand them to your guests, so you can have a brilliant moment when you walk out of the church.

3. Rice

If you want to stick to traditions but still replace confetti with something else, go for rice. This starchy cereal has been used since antiquity to shower newlyweds with prosperity and good fortune. It lost some popularity in the last decades due to concerns regarding the safety of birds eating the tossed rice. There is no scientific evidence that this practice can hurt anyone though.

4. Rose Petals

Rose petals are an elegant alternative to confetti that pairs wonderfully with a stylish wedding. Either fresh or dried petals are a lovely choice; if you don’t want to involve any flowers at all, silk rose petals look amazing and can give a unique touch to your event.

5. Lavender

For a rustic wedding, replace rose petals with lavender potpourri. The indigo blue of these flowers and delicate scent are a splendid choice for an elegant bride. Lavender confetti is also a great choice if your centrepieces and decorations feature grain and lavender.

6. Olive Leaves

Christians have always associated olive trees with wisdom, prosperity, and peace. Olive leaves, therefore, are an inspired alternative to confetti either for a Christian wedding or for anyone else who likes this symbolism. Olive leaves could be harder to source, but if you can find them, they’ll surely give a unique touch to your wedding.

7. Snow Machine Confetti

Whether you’re getting married in winter or are a fan of the cold season and its wonders, you can hire a snow machine and get your own original confetti when you walk out of the church. This is a sure way to surprise your guests – and maybe even your spouse – with your creativity.

8. Confetti Cannons

Confetti cannons are a simple alternative to the traditional confetti and bring the best of both worlds. One the one hand, they can satisfy your need for novelty. On the other hand, they won’t attract too many criticisms from your more traditional guests. However you put it, it’s a win-win.

9. Bobbing Balloons

Two words. Balloons and helium. Together, they can give you the perfect confetti alternative if you don’t want to make a mess. The balloons will bob up gracefully as you exit the ceremony venue, leaving you and your guests in awe.

10. Birdseed

Remember the rice and birds concern we mentioned earlier? Well, if you don’t believe that rice is harmless for birds, replace it – and the confetti as a matter of fact – with birdseed. You’ll get your fair share of good luck and prosperity, while the volatiles will be able to make a feast out of your wedding.

12. Pastel Pompoms

If you’re a romantic bride or the arts-n-crafts kind, original wedding confetti made out of pompoms will surely brighten up your day. Pastel shades work best for a shabby chic wedding; think baby blue, mint, sage, and blush pink. For a more daring or sophisticated wedding, pick violet, white, or gold.

13. Paper Airplanes

Newlyweds who aim to travel on all 7 continents can show off their personality with this original idea. Use old maps or even old newspapers to make paper airplanes. They are not only a unique alternative to confetti, but your guests will also have loads of fun.

14. Pressed Daisies

Pressed daisies instead of confetti can help you enhance the spirit of a summer wedding on those moments when the weather it’s not really by your side. They also look amazing when the sun shines bright, and pair wonderfully with a romantic bride.

15. Golden Leaves

Autumn weddings come with other possibilities. Instead of flowers or petals, you can make use of the fallen leaves. Golden leaves are a splendid choice for a countryside wedding, integrating perfectly into the atmosphere and complementing the surrounding foliage.

16. Twirling Ribbons

Twirling ribbons can let your guests wave their happiness for the newlyweds and can also be used for other creative projects once the wedding’s over. A fun and eco-friendly solution suitable for all creative brides.

17. Faux Feathers

A creative idea for a sophisticated wedding, faux feather confetti is a great alternative to the traditional kind. You can stick to white if you want to symbolise pureness or go for any other colour you like. Golden and purple are two classic choices if you’re aiming to have a glam wedding, while blue or pink are ideal for a more thoughtful and rom

Novelty or Traditional Wedding Cakes?

The wedding cake is one of the central elements of a wedding, and the cake cutting is one of the key moments of your big day — two reasons that make most brides channel a wealth of energy into choosing the perfect cake. Picking novelty or traditional wedding cakes is often a challenge though.

Many brides would love the former but are afraid to break the rules with a too daring choice. Others may love the traditional style but perhaps they wish to enrich it with some original elements.

If you’re in the middle of a dilemma and can’t decide between novelty and traditional cakes, here are a few things you should weigh in before choosing the most appropriate style.

Novelty vs. Traditional Wedding Cakes

Traditional Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is such an essential element of the celebration that it can easily make or break your big day. Novelty cakes can bring a breath of fresh air to the party, but not all guests will agree with your choice.

Perhaps the main advantage of novelty cakes is the possibility to express your originality or exuberant personality. There are no strings attached to these modern cakes. Whether they are inspired by the traditional style or express an entirely new perspective, everything is accepted.

You can unleash your creativity or give rough ideas to a cake artist to get an edible piece of art.

Novelty cakes come in a broad range of decorative styles and designs incorporating fantasy or reality-inspired characters. There is also no limit as far as colours are concerned. From bright pink to red, purple, or black, you can decorate the cake in whatever colour you like.

These unusual designs though can attract criticism from those who’re fond of a less elaborated cake. 

Novelty Wedding Cake

Traditional cakes are still in the trends despite their old-fashioned name. They usually consist of one or more tiers that follow a clear pattern, either round or square. These cakes bring classic opulence to your event, and are less subject to criticism, as they will most likely please everyone.

Classic designs usually involve flowers, brush embroidery, lace appliqué, and other traditional motifs.  

When it comes to colours, you’ll also have to stick to a traditional palette. The classiest wedding cakes are white with white decorations. However, most pastel shades are universally accepted as adequate colour choices. Blush pink, ivory, baby blue, greenish, as well as colder tonalities such as light grey or pearl, are just some of the shades that can inspire you.

If you’re not yet convinced which type of cake is right for you, here are some awe-inspiring ideas.

Novelty Wedding Cakes Ideas

1. Ombré Wedding Cake

Ombré cakes are not only trendy, but they are also elegant and can successfully mimic a traditional wedding cake. Pastry chefs can produce ombré icing in the colours of your choice, and you can even decorate the cake with opulent details, such as gold foil or pearls.

2. Real Flower Wedding Cake

A classic design with a twist, the wedding cakes decorated with real flowers can take the traditional style to the next level while adding originality and contemporaneity to the design. If you want an all-edible cake, you can either choose edible flowers or replace them with fresh berries.

3. Themed Wedding Cake

Themed wedding cakes are the most versatile. You can get inspired by your hobby, by nature, or even by traditions. For instance, you can make a cake decorated with oriental elements if the colourful Eastern culture inspires you. A travel-themed cake speaks volumes about your interests as a couple, and the ideas could go on and on.

Traditional Wedding Cakes Ideas

1. Lambeth Wedding Cake

Perhaps the most traditional of the conventional designs. Lambeth cakes mimic the luxurious Wedgwood Jasperware decorative style, impressing with decadent cake piping and lace imitations. A simple yet luxurious palette gives you the possibility to choose from a white on white cake, or pair classic white with other traditional colours including beige, taupe, and duck egg.

2. Matelassé Wedding Cake

If you love traditional cakes but still want to add a unique element, a Matelassé cake could be perfect for you. This type of cake usually follows the classic white on the white rule and comes with sugar-paste roses or other elaborated flowers. Quilted cotton matelassé at the base of the cake gives the final touch; at the same time, you can also create a beautiful contrast by decorating the cake with fondant textured bands.

3. Monogram Wedding Cake

Sophisticated and elegant, a monogram wedding cake pairs wonderfully with a classic style reception. If you want to wow your guests, go for a seven-tier cake decorated with white fondant, sugar-paste flowers, and vintage ribbons. Place the monogram either on the top or the middle tier. If an all-white cake is just too much, colour the flowers in pastel shades and pick a matching hue for the ribbon. The monogram, however, should remain white.

In Conclusion

Whether it’s a novelty or traditional wedding cakes, what matters, in the end, is that the choice makes you happy. There are many modern designs inspired by the traditional tiered cake, so you can easily mix and blends elements to create a unique look without breaking all traditional wedding cake rules.

Also, remember that there is nothing wrong with breaking all rules and drawing out of the line if you feel like it.

If you want a quirky, novelty wedding cake or a tiered plateau full of cupcakes instead of a cake in the real sense of the word, just go for it. We’re sure that regardless of your choice, you’ll have a perfect wedding day.  

Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year: Awe-Inspiring Ideas

The first year of marriage has flown by, and you’re now thinking of the best wedding anniversary gifts for your spouse. While there are literally dozens of things you could give them, gifts inspired by tradition could be your best bet. Here is a list of ideas.

First Year – Paper

The first year of marriage is the paper year, a period in which you start to write your story together. A journal, book, or yearly subscription to a magazine are traditional choices. If your spouse has a more thoughtful soul, sign them up to an origami class.

Second Year – Cotton

An original canvas to hang in the living room, pillows with their favourite pet, a scarf or a personalised tee are ideal choices for the cotton year.  

Third Year – Leather

From leather outwear or footwear to leather accessories or home decorations, there are dozens of things perfect to use as the third wedding anniversary gifts.

Fourth Year – Silk

Besides luxurious silk garments – or undergarments – silk decorations are also on the verge. For instance, a bunch of silk flowers can embellish your home for a long time.

Fifth Year – Wood

From all wood items out there, original wall art is perhaps the most popular. For instance, a world map engraved on plywood could look amazing on your wall.

Sixth Year – Candy

Sweet sixth year has flown by, and you two deserve to treat yourself with a box of candies. You also can’t go wrong with chocolates.

Seventh Year – Wool

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the seventh year. In the wool year, you can surprise your better half with a handmade pullover or wool cardigan. A cosy blanket for lazy Friday nights could also work wonders.

Eighth Year – Salt

This must have been a tricky year before the emergence of salt lamps. Now, there is nothing to worry about anymore.

Ninth Year – Copper

Copper vases, clocks, pots, and other home items comply with this year’s theme and can also boost the curb appeal of your home.

Tenth Year – Tin

If you two love tea time, and we couldn’t think of anyone who wouldn’t, tin tea accessories can make a great wedding anniversary gift this year. Think of tea and biscuit containers, or at decorative designer items, such as tin wall sconces.

Eleventh Year – Steel

Just like copper, steel is used in the manufacture of many home items, from decorative sculptures to more trivial things, such as cutlery.

Twelfth Year – Linen

Linen represents truth and purity and is the twelfth year’s theme. Focus on home décor items, from ornaments to tableware such as table cloths and napkins. Bedding made from linen can also satisfy your spouse.

Thirteenth Year – Lace

Intricate and elegant, lace reflects the beauty of marriage. Suitable gifts include lace attire or home items, including lace clothing and lingerie, tableware, lace curtains, and lace bed skirts.

Fourteenth Year – Ivory

The fourteenth year is the ivory year. Although there are many home décor items made from this material, we can’t advise on them due to ethical considerations. Instead, you could bring tribute to ivory sources, the elephants, by buying an elephant figurine or making a donation to an elephant sanctuary.

Fifteenth Year – Crystal

Precious crystal items make a perfect wedding anniversary gift in the fifteenth year. Crystal glasses or home decorations are a staple, but you could also opt for crystal jewellery or watches if your spouse likes them.

Sixteenth Year – Silverware

That’s the simplest it can get. The name of the sixteenth year tells you exactly which is the perfect anniversary gift. From silver cutlery to plates and plateaus, you can really choose from a wide range of home items.

Seventeenth Year – Furniture

If the sixteenth year wasn’t suggestive enough, know that in the seventeenth year you should give your spouse furniture. A home gift that can satisfy both of you is perhaps your best bet.

Eighteenth Year – Porcelain

Did you think things will get simpler? Well, the eighteenth year is again a bit more generic. Nevertheless, there are many porcelain items you can get, from china to home decorations.

Nineteenth Year – Bronze

Boasting a distinguished look, bronze can seamlessly embellish your home in the nineteenth year. Bronze lamps, wall art, designer furniture, but also statuettes and vases can make beautiful wedding anniversary gifts.

Twentieth Year – China

Oh well, this is quite straightforward. It’s either china or a trip to China depending on your preference. Whatever you choose will make a splendid gift regardless.

Twenty-fifth Year – Silver

The twenty-fifth year marks your silver anniversary. You should already have the silverware from your sixteenth anniversary, so now you can focus on silver jewellery or home décor items.

Thirtieth Year – Pearl

Things tend to get more precious as the years pass by, so on your thirtieth anniversary, surprise your better half with pearls. Cultured pearls are cheaper than freshwater ones, and they look equally amazing.

Thirty-fifth Year – Coral

Coral jewellery and home décor objects used to be ideal thirty-fifth wedding anniversary gifts. With all the coral bleaching and global warming though, opting for a more sustainable alternative could be a wiser option, while you will still impress your better half.

Fortieth Year – Ruby

Don’t get frightened by the name. While ruby jewellery is a staple this year, so are ruby flowers including nasturtium and gladioli. A ruby red wine could also be an appreciated alternative.

Forty-fifth Year – Sapphire

Another anniversary equals another gem. Or sapphire blue flowers, if you’re not really into jewellery. Blue iris-themed gifts such as scented candles or perfumes can successfully replace both gems and flowers, giving you a more original option.

Fiftieth Year – Gold

Celebrate your gold wedding anniversary with gold jewellery gifts or gold-coloured alternatives. Sunflowers and other flower based gifts can successfully replace gold.

Fifty-fifth Year – Emerald

In the fifty-fifth year of your wedding anniversary, gifts are centred on emeralds. Either gems or emerald green items could do on this special occasion.

Sixtieth Year – Diamond

The sixtieth year of marriage is considered the diamond year, and on this anniversary everything must focus on the precious stone. Either it’s diamond jewellery or orchid-based gifts, you will undoubtedly find the perfect wedding anniversary gifts for this big day. 

10 Wedding Seating Chart Ideas to Wow Your Guests

Among the many things you have to think of when organising your wedding, there is the seating chart. This important item is essential for guiding guests to their tables and avoid seating confusion. It usually consists of a board listing the name of each guest and the number of the table assigned to each name.

However, you don’t have to play by the rules and create a boring seating chart.  Whether it’s a traditional, romantic, contemporary, or rustic wedding, we’ve got you covered.

Check out our creative wedding seating chart ideas below to guide your guests to the table in style.

1. Boutonniere Seating Chart

Instead of making one big chart, you can opt for individual colourful escort cards holding the name of the guest and the number of the table. Pair these cards with flower boutonnieres your guests can wear throughout the reception.

You can even turn the boutonnieres in beautiful keepsakes if you replace the fresh flowers with dried or fabric flowers, or even with artistic brooches.

2. Pressed Flowers Seating Chart

Put your DIY talent at use to create a unique pressed flowers seating chart. Just like above, you’ll have to make individual escort cards with the name of the guest and table printed on each card. Decorate the card with pressed flowers than place it in a small clear plastic box. Alternatively, frame each card in a small picture frame.

Not only you’ll wow your guests with your creativity, but the framed escort cards also make nice keepsakes together with the thank you cards placed on each guest’s seat.

3. Golden Frames

Seating Plan

Romantic and elegant, golden frames can serve more than one purpose at your wedding. Use them to create a display of the bride’s and groom’s most representative photos, nonetheless as a means to help guests find their seats.

Buy golden frames of different shapes and sizes, two of each style. Assign a frame style to each table by using the frame as a centrepiece. Write the name of the guests assigned to each table on vintage paper and fix it in the dedicated model of frame. Then hang all the frames with the names on a board or the entrance wall.

4. Wooden Seating Chart

Wooden seating charts are undoubtedly the most versatile. You can use smooth plywood to make an elegant chart, tree bark for a rustic arrangement, and the ideas can go on and on.

For a stylish event, use a plywood board and white or pastel paint to create your seating chart from scratch.

Instead of numbering the tables, name them. For example, you can call each table after a celebrity, a city, or an animal, depending on the theme of your wedding. Write down the name of each table and the name of the guests assigned to it on separate cards. Pin the cards on a board and decorate your chart with ivy, evergreens, and flowers to give it an elegant touch.

5. Shabby Chic Arrangement

With a handmade wooden frame, handwritten seating chart and a wreath of white and pink peonies, you can make a lovely shabby chic arrangement for your guests. If you want to coordinate all colours, paint the frame in distressed white. Dark brown or natural wood are two alternatives for a countryside or rustic wedding. 

6. Elegant Mirror Seating Chart

Get a twin set of framed mirrors for each table. Use a mirror as a centrepiece and write down the names of the guests assigned to the table on its twin. Hang the seating chart mirrors on the entrance wall or a wooden board; you’ll undoubtedly surprise your guests.

7. Illustrated Escort Cards

Wedding Ceremony

If you’re having a themed wedding, use illustrated escort cards to guide guests to their tables. For instance, print famous destinations on each card if you’re having a travel themed reception. Wildlife illustrations are perfect for a wedding inspired by nature. Or pop singers for a music themed wedding.

Your options are truly endless, and the guests can even keep their illustrated cards to remember your special day over the years to come.

8. Record Seating Chart

Another original idea that works wonders for a music themed wedding is a record seating chart. Handwrite the name of the guests on white sheets of paper, and glue each sheet to a record. Display your records on a wooden board at the entrance.

A record player placed in a corner will undoubtedly complement your décor, adding a special vintage feel to your wedding.

9. Rustic Seating Chart

Countryside weddings and rustic decorations pair perfectly, so why not make a rustic seating chart for your event. For instance, you could nail down a piece of burlap on a rustic wooden frame and pin escort cards onto it for your guests.

Alternatively, use twine, clothespins, and individual escort cards to help guests find their table easier. Decorate each card with dried flower boutonnieres your guests can wear or take home.

A traditional seating chart written calligraphically on tree bark is another easy way to impress your guests.

10. Watercolour Escort Cards

If you’re an artist – or if you know one – you can creatively revamp the traditional seating chart. All you need is watercolours, inspiration, and a bit of talent to paint unique escort cards for each guest. Handwrite or use a calligraphic font to print the name of the guest and the number of the table on each card, then create matching thank you cards.

Not only you’ll brag with a one-of-a-kind seating chart; your guests can even take home the escort and thank you card pair.

Undoubtedly, an original seating chart can impress your guests right from the entrance, and we truly hope the ideas above inspired you!

13 Alternative Ideas to Real Weddings Flowers

Alternative to Wedding Flowers

Bridal and bridesmaids bouquets, centrepieces and venue decorations are traditionally made of real flowers. The only issue is, fresh wedding flowers are quite expensive. They also die, leaving you with no keepsake memory from your special day.

Or perhaps you’re not into real flowers at all. Maybe you’re a modern bride looking to add her own twist to the wedding by replacing flowers with something more unique.

Regardless of what drives you to look for flower substitutes, check out these 13 alternative ideas to real flowers guaranteed to surprise your guests.

1. Feathers

Sophisticated and delicate, feathers are an elegant substitute of real flowers. Their glamour highlights the fine taste of the bride, and they can replace the bridal bouquet as well as the decorations.

Feathers are also easy to paint in all imaginable colours. Velvety purple or deep blue, for instance, will undoubtedly add a touch of style. Dark green, burgundy, and other intense hues can also enhance your look, making your gown stand out.  

2. Sheet Music

Brides with a more thoughtful soul might appreciate an original classic music touch to their wedding. Making paper flowers from sheet music is easy and rather inexpensive; you can use old sheet music or print it on white or vintage paper.

Use the paper flowers to create an original bouquet and unique centrepieces. For instance, you can place tiny bouquets in bird cages or mason jars, and then decorate the tables or the buffet.

3. Dried Flowers

If you want to keep your bouquet forever, you can opt for dried flowers instead of their fresh counterpart. Dried flowers, while real nonetheless, are typically treated with substances able to maintain their beauty forever.

There is something vintage in dried flowers able to seduce even the most exigent brides. Their wilderness pairs perfectly with nature or forest themed weddings, and they also complement an outdoor wedding.

4. Silk Flowers

Fabric flowers are one of the latest trends. Made from a variety of materials, they can satisfy the needs of all brides. Depending on the fabric involved, they can look rustic, vintage, contemporary, or trendy.

While most fabrics are great, it is hard to deny that silk is special. It comes in a wide range of colours, and it can be turned into roses effortlessly.

Decorate your bouquet with pearls and beads to give it an elegant touch, or with buttons for a nonconformist look.

5. Paper Flowers

Do you remember the coloured paper used during the art classes in school? You can transform it into unique wedding flowers. Cut the paper in strips of about five centimetres each, roll each strip and fix its centre with a pin, then open the “petals.”

If you’re not a skilled DIYer, know that paper flowers in all imaginable hues are readily available online. And you can use them for your bouquet or create original centrepieces.

6. Buttons

Buttons can serve dozens of purposes, including the creation of a one-of-a-kind bridal bouquet or unique table decorations. The best part is that you can unleash your imagination. Play with colours, sizes, and even shapes.

Pair the buttons with other DIY accessories, such as pearls, beads, and silk ribbons to enhance the beauty of your decorations.

7. Pom Poms

Whether you want a no-frills bouquet or original centrepieces, pom poms are undoubtedly a nice alternative to real flowers at weddings. They can be made from all types of yarns and can address the needs of most brides.

For instance, you can go for pastel shades if your event is elegant. A nonconformist bride can play with bold hues. If you want to unleash your creative spirit, you can even mix and match a rainbow of colours.

8. Leather Flowers

Ideal for the rock-n-roll or Goth bride, leather flowers can truly make a statement. Silver and black are the most popular colour choices and both pair well with the white of your gown. There is also to say silver and black are elegant shades that can easily add sophistication to your wedding.

9. Cotton Bolls

A sweet natural touch for your wedding, nonetheless a quirky alternative to real flowers, consists of cotton bolls. Pure and delicate, cotton bolls can make a perfect bridal bouquet for a romantic bride. They look amazing on their own, or you can pair them with ivy.

For the venue, place cotton bolls in mason jars for a natural, shabby chic feel. Our advice is to choose a pastel palette focusing majorly on blush pink, baby blue, and green to highlight the beauty of your original decorations.

10. Brooches

If you like all things vintage, replace real flowers with brooches. You’ll have plenty of choices, from richly decorated metal brooches to porcelain and even fabric ones. Mix and match your favourite jewellery models to make a unique bouquet or outstanding table decorations.

Small brooch bouquets also make a gorgeous keepsake for your bridesmaids. Also, don’t forget to pick some unique brooches to pin onto the groom’s jacket.

11. Wheat Sheaves

Wheat sheaves can make an amazing bouquet and superb decorations at weddings inspired by nature’s purity. Their straw yellow pairs perfectly with a white gown as well as with most neutral colours.

If you’re not truly impressed by wheat sheaves alone, blend them with lavender flowers made of silk and enhance the beauty of your bouquet with some ivy.

12. French Beads

While it takes artistic skills and inspiration to make wedding flowers out of French beads, the result is simply outstanding. The best thing is that French beads come in a rainbow of colours to pair with your personality or wedding theme.

Just like brooches, French beads can also make a nice keepsake for your bridesmaids, not to mention such flowers make original thank you gifts for your guests.

13. Balloons

Last but not least, you can replace real flowers with balloons. Whether you want an original bouquet or less traditional decorations, their festive hype will undoubtedly get everyone into celebration mood.

We truly hope these alternative ideas to real flowers at weddings got you inspired, so you can truly wow the guests on your big day!