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Barn Wedding Venues

The rustic fairy tale is a wedding dream that many people think is almost impossible to pull off. For many people who have grown up in the countryside, it seems almost impossible to consider getting married and celebrating your love in a modern, city building. And even those who grew up in a busy metropolitan place can crave the quiet and simplicity of what we are looking at here: what to think about when choosing barn wedding venues.

Ellis Barn Wedding

There is something deep within us that calls for something calming that can be found within a barn. Perhaps it is all those wonderful period dramas that we can't seem to stop watching. Perhaps it is that smell of clean hay, and that the majority of barns are situated in some of the most beautiful locations in the country - especially converted barn wedding venues.

One of the best places to start your search for a barn wedding venue is in Kent. This county is known as the garden of England, and has rather a lot of scenery to back up this claim. There are literally hundreds of farms in Kent, and many of those have beautiful barns that have been made available for the discerning and dedicated bride. Kent is also known as the gateway to Europe, and will make any international guests breathe a sigh of relief, as they will be able to come into any one of the three international train stations or many coastal ports in order to join with you on your special day.

Of all wedding venues, barns can be the most romantic. You will be able to talk to your wedding photographer about their thoughts, but I am sure that you will have many ideas about different angles that you want your wedding photographs taken. And as I've said before, barns will often be in the most beautiful of countryside. Make the most of this, and take some time out from all of your well-wishers to spend some quality time with your new husband or wife! You will be able to look back at these photographs in the years to come, and feel so much pride in the thought and effort that you put into this special day.

So if you have ignored the thought of a barn wedding venue because you think they'll be too difficult to find or organise that incredible reception that you have in your mind, think again. Barn venues can challenge people's assumptions about what a truly beautiful wedding can be. It may turn out that barn venues are just the thing that you have been looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have wedding deals with converted barn wedding venues?
Yes. Although be quick as barn wedding venues are popular with our bride and grooms. If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter you will be the 1st to know about new deals when we launch them.

How many guests can barn wedding venues generally hold?
They can cater for anything from small intimate gatherings, to larger parties of around 120 guests. Every venue capacity is different, so its best to call the venue for these specific details.

Why are barn wedding venues popular?
They have a modern yet rustic feel which is very appealing. With exposed beams and lush countryside they tick a lot of the boxes for most couples.

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